WTC ‘Jumpers’ Phenomenon


By Victor Thorn

One of the most gruesome aspects of 9-11 occurred when newscasters reported that dozens of people inside the twin towers leaped hundreds of feet down, landing on the  streets of New York or rooftops. Such dramatic measures go against human nature because nearly all of us will cling to safety rather than plunge to certain death.

At the time of the jumps, World Trade Center (WTC) 1 and WTC 2, despite being compromised, apparently, by the impact of airliners, still provided a safer haven than free-falling through the air and splattering below. Did all these victims willingly choose to jump, or was there more involved? On July 22, 9-11 researcher Carl Aschmann spoke with this writer to provide some valuable insights.

“What initially struck me is how many of the jumpers were removing articles of clothing before leaping,” said Aschmann. “Think about that for a moment. Utter chaos is raging in New York, the building they’re in had been struck by an aircraft, and in all this insanity they decide to do what—remove their clothing? It doesn’t make sense.”


He continued: “Emergency calls made that morning from inside the towers reflect how extremely hot these trapped people felt, yet they couldn’t see any flames. Even stranger, those inside each tower were leaning against the walls of these buildings, so the physical structure itself wasn’t very hot.”

Aschmann then offered this reminder: “If you listen to transcripts of firemen inside the towers to their dispatchers, they refer to seeing no raging fires and how they could easily extinguish two isolated pockets of fire in WTC 2. Neither skyscraper was consumed by a raging inferno.”

With this information in mind, Aschmann added, “There was no real fire anywhere, but an incredible amount of heat. People were actually disrobing, but tons of paper around them didn’t burn. Why? It’s almost like a microwave effect, where the food inside cooks, but the paper wrapper around it doesn’t.”

Aschmann wonders if the jumpers actually leaped of their own volition.

“It looked like these people were somehow thrown out of the towers—as if they hadn’t really intended to jump, especially when they were flapping their arms wildly rather than being resigned to a fate they had chosen,” he said. “On top of that, these people were cast outward much farther than they could have been able to physically jump, as if some type of internal force ejected them. From all the photos, it didn’t look like they intended to jump out, but were instead caught unaware.”

Upon impact, those unfortunate enough to view these tragedies provided some curious descriptions. Firefighter Bertram Springstead, who witnessed 30-40 jumpers splayed out on the nearby Vista Hotel’s roof, characterized the horrific sight in these terms: “As I was looking out the window, another jumper comes by [and] kind of like clipped the edge of the roof and just vaporized.”

Aschmann cites Dr. Judy Wood’s book WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? as the key source for his information regarding the jumpers.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

5 Responses to WTC ‘Jumpers’ Phenomenon

  1. David Dale says:
    There’s (at least) one good reason that you’ve not heard of this before. It’s utter foolishness. Idiocy. Crazy-a*s.

    HAARP, microwave destruction. Sheesh people, get a grip on reality. You clearly are not educated with background in physics. If you’re going to posit something among the seemingly endless ocean of conspiracy ideas (not one of which that I’ve seen holds the water of reality), but if you are, at least try to concoct something that would pass basic tests of the ways in which matter actually behaves. The kind of things posted here make it too easy to dismiss not just the ideas themselves, but the uninformed thinking of the people who came up with them.

  2. youtube user dcbourbonireland says:
    Yes, with scalar weapons there can exist a build-up of the microwaves probably directed onto the WTC from satellites or reflecting the signals of the top of the atmosphere such as HAARP. Using microwave-type solutions, the building would gain more and more energy, so when the moment came to blow it up, the concrete would have so much energy it would pulverize to dust. The WTC demolition was unique in that 90% the building turned to dust and the pile stack was less than three stories high. A normal demolition the stack height will be 12% the size of the build so that means the WTC stack should have been 12 stories high. With the fires, the sprinkler systems triggered and the people got wet. Taking off the clothes which from microwaves which heat water would be logical. However the wet skin would still continue to burn and if you went to cool down under the sprinkler of water the pain would increase enormously. Yes, then after that people could decide to jump basically running any direction to evade the heat hitting them. Some would just die before they reached the window and fall out. The famous head first fall of the waiter shows this clearly. Dead people tend to fall head first; the guy was already dead before he fell. Probably as they fell they fell further into the microwave beams which might have been stronger at lower levels from the vast steel grid of the WTC. Yes, in that case, the bodies or falling victims will have got so much microwave energy in them that when they hit the ground they would just vaporize. Yes, everything says the victims were burning to death from microwaves. These microwaves could cause sudden involuntary muscle movement meaning people close to windows suddenly exposed to extra strong microwaves might just have involuntary jumping muscle reflex which hurled them from the building. Sad, but the criminal cabal that did 911 will one day go to court and be hung from lampposts in New York when the full truth eventually is exposed.
  3. Sally Squires says:
    I was filming from 9/11 and on that first night when I went down there the cars were all completely destroyed. Their bodies were rusty and burnt out inside as well. I couldn’t work out what had happened to them to make them like that. It looked like they had been in a war zone for years not just a few hours. You can see this on my video available at Amazon:

    9/11 WTC: 2010: The Sky Is Rising. After 12 months of filming I made my first doco on 9/11 called “The Day The Sky Fell” which is wrapped inside this updated version.

    Sally Squires

  4. Joy says:
    I have not heard this before. I read that the cars blocks away were burned completely down to the bare frame, insides gone, door handles blew out, tires gone, windows blew out, not even any of these parts around, just the bare frames. Like an electromagnetic wave came through, instantly, and far from the buildings. Nothing looks like what was reported. Yet people still believe it.
  5. Tim Haas says:

    In other words it was a hoax just like the planes and most of the deaths.

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