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Great news: After some negotiation, AFP has made a deal to bring back TWO Victor Thorn books that were in desperate need of a publisher. AMERICAN FREE PRESS is now the only authorized publisher and […]

Phil Giraldi Speaks Candidly With AFP

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• Former CIA agent finds out there is a limit to free speech—even amongst “conservatives” By Dave Gahary George Orwell once said, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate […]

Thanks, Mr. Trump

October 19, 2017 admin 2

• African-American group applauds president for bringing jobs to inner cities • Economic policies credited with lowest black unemployment rate in 17 years By John Friend Despite the persistent efforts of the hostile fake news […]

City Insider Reveals Why Lee Yanked

October 12, 2017 admin 7

Former Dallas City Council member Sandra Crenshaw explains how a bevy of cultural communists worked to get the general’s statue pulled from its place of honor in Dallas. By Dave Gahary Sandra Crenshaw, a black, […]

Virginia Bans Electronic Voting Machines

October 10, 2017 admin 5

Virginia and Texas are re-evaluating their use of easily hacked machines and considering paper ballots, in large part thanks to tireless efforts of anti-vote fraud activists like Dr. Laura Presley.  By Mark Anderson Thankfully, the days […]

Mental Health Laws Used to Silence Critic

October 8, 2017 admin 2

Pennsylvania powerbrokers abuse legal system to lock up political opponent By Dave Gahary A law on the books in the Keystone State intended to apply to individuals with mental illness is now being used for […]

No Justice

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A district judge appointed by Obama has ruled a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy permanently injured during a Black Lives Matter melee can’t sue the organization or its leaders because the radical group is a “social movement” and its […]