Young Woman Assaulted By Group of “Youths”

By John Friend

In yet another violent attack that has plagued Boston’s popular Downtown Crossing, five black juveniles are facing charges stemming from a violent assault on a young woman in downtown Boston earlier this week.

Video released of the attack on Monday shows a group of five black females kicking and punching another woman on the ground, a vicious assault witnessed by many in the area at the time. The attackers accused the victim of being a “white b*tch with braids,” an apparent reference to a hairstyle popular with black females, before initiating the violent assault.

Chris Jackson, a Boston resident that works in the Downtown Crossing area who witnessed the attack, said the young female attackers “were chasing her and beating the crap out of the girl.”

“They took off with her bag, her cellphone, whatever else they had that she had dropped,” Jackson told WCVB5, a local ABC News affiliate in Boston. “She got up and had no idea what was going on.”

According to the Boston Police Department’s Offense/Incident report, none of the five juveniles arrested was charged with a hate crime, despite the obvious racial undertones in their rhetoric and apparent motivations. Additionally, the report describes how many of those implicated in the violent assault were uncooperative, unruly and violent towards responding officers. At one point, a suspect attempted to open the door of the police cruiser in an effort to free an individual under arrest. Officers were spat upon and assaulted during the interaction as well.

Investigative journalist Andy Ngo obtained the full police report and published it online.

Downtown Boston has seen a rise in violent crime and public disturbances in recent weeks, which were described in the police report. The downtown area has “sustained a recent barrage of juvenile incidents within the district involving young teenagers fighting in public, causing disturbances inside businesses, vandalizing storefronts by smashing glass with blunt objects, aggravated assaults, assaults on police officers, and civil rights violations,” the report states.

Ibraham Ibraham, a restauranter in the downtown area, told WCVB5 that a fight broke out in his restaurant recently and that the violence and mayhem is resulting in a loss of business.

“We called the cops and the cops separated them,” Ibraham explained when describing the fight. “Then they kept fighting, even when the cop were there. I’m losing business, so I hope they can do something about it.”