The Real Issue They Should Protest

Poverty Protests

Modern-day Marxists, violent anarchists have infiltrated and poisoned a just cause.


We should be thrilled with the indignant rage of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens—a great deal of them young and white—who are banding together in unison in common cause with other races. Isn’t this what we have always wanted, a common cause for all the races in America, a cause we could all get behind? Certainly we would agree that no man should be tortured to death on the streets of America, no matter what his crime or race. And we should be overjoyed to see black and white citizens taking advantage of their Second Amendment rights and standing together to protect businesses from looters. Thus, we should be ecstatic that the cause—stopping police state brutality—is a just one. We all know (and AFP has said it for many years) that the police forces in America have been for far too long improperly trained as paramilitary-style units and armed with way too much excess military-style hardware, purchased cheap from the military.

Biggest scam StansberryBut for some reason, we aren’t thrilled about these protests.

Though the cause is just (albeit blown way beyond reality according to all reliable statistics), something stinks.

And it smells like Karl Marx.

Unfortunately, leftist agitators have infected the protests and hijacked the cause, turning it from a legitimate crusade to one couched as “systemic racism.” And leftist organizations and corporate America are wittingly and unwittingly funding the whole thing and censoring those who believe Black Lives Matter and Antifa are not dangerous outfits. Compliant leftist news outlets sustain the phony narrative that systemic racism exists, all in an attempt to defeat Trump.

This is what Marxists and Bolsheviks have always done, and we are seeing it now. Don’t scoff. Everything you are seeing now is just a replay of the Marxist/anarchist synchrony of the 1960s and 1970s in action, with the exact same planks: 1. Police brutality is rampant. (It is not.) 2. Police forces need to be dismantled completely. (That’s dangerous.) 3. Systemic racism exists in the police and in society and cannot be cured. (That’s not true for a number of reasons, but when it comes to police forces, a large number of them are majority minority.) Antifa fills in for the Weather Underground and Black Lives Matter replaces the Black Panthers.

They are Marxists and they are anarchists and they are dangerous. Marxists initially love anarchy, for without anarchy, there would be no power vacuum to fill. In many cities, Antifa terrorists stood in the rear of the protesters, lobbing bricks and other projectiles and caustic substances in an attempt to elicit a violent response from cops. In rare instances, the cops took their frustrations out on the legitimate protesters in the frontlines. That is what leftists do. They instigate violent confrontation, as they did in Charlottesville, Va. and everywhere else they travel in packs.

Those giving Black Lives Matter a free pass, forget it, not when they are calling for the killing of cops: “Pigs in a blanket; fry them like bacon.” “What do we want? Dead cops.” Fact is, cops do a pretty darn good job. A few bad apples do not spoil the whole orchard. It’s a ruse. But there is room for improvement. We all know that.

As far as claims of systemic racism, how can anyone make that argument in America today? Majority white America has voted for a black president, votes for black politicians at all levels, wears the jerseys of black athletes in the millions, buys millions of dollars’ worth of black artists’ music, watches black films, lauds black thinkers, reads books and poetry written by black authors, observes black history month, employs African Americans, is employed by African Americans, worships side-by-side with minorities at churches, marries black and brown men and women, etc etc. Thus, we can honestly say that black America is adored by a huge percentage of white people. White Americans are even washing the feet of black Americans across the country as you read this. And let’s not forget that 350,000 white Americans died in the U.S. Civil War to “free the slaves.”

What the honest protesters don’t understand is that they have been duped. What they should really be marching for is the improvement of the economic plight of their fellow Americans. Poverty is America’s problem. It breeds crime and drug addiction and hopelessness—and discontent. It is a problem of all races. According to “PolitiFact,” a fact-checking arm of the Poynter Institute, there are at least 47 million Americans living in poverty right now. Fully 43% of them are non-Hispanic whites. A shrinking middle class and a growing billionaire class have made this possible. Outsourcing has made this possible. Corporate greed has made this possible. The banking establishment has made this possible. Constant war has made this possible.

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A government suddenly flush with trillions of dollars must be able to do something more than offer appeasement handouts to poor Americans of all races including American Indians (40% poverty rate). Americans need a lot more opportunity, not a lot more freebies. And America-first policies are the answer.

In closing, we travel back to St. Petersburg, Russia, Bloody Sunday, Jan. 22, 1905. On that day, a group of mostly well-meaning protesters, led by Fr. George Gapon, marched on the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. They believed they were carrying a list of honest grievances and demands for basic rights for workers to Czar Nicholas II. What they did not know was that the czar wasn’t even in town. Worse, they had been set up. Leftists bent on creating a violent confrontation had swapped the list of grievances with demands for the czar to abdicate. Among the peaceful protesters were stationed agitators with guns and other weapons. They fired on the czar’s Cossack guard. They instigated the action they desired. The czar’s troops attacked and mowed many of them down for fear this now-violent mob—no longer seen as a group of peaceful protesters—would reach the palace and burn it to the ground or storm it and loot it. Riots and looting ensued across St. Petersburg. It was the beginning of the end for Christian Russia—and it has taken that nation over 100 years to recover.

One of the things Karl Marx learned during his life, however, was that class struggle was not the way to really incite the masses to violent revolution. Once a poor man escapes poverty, he is not really that interested in the revolution anymore. Racial strife, Marx came to understand, was the way to really divide and conquer a nation and launch a revolution.

The other thing Marx knew was that schools and institutes of higher education were great places to brainwash large numbers of young people into his destructive ideology.

Does this all sound a bit too familiar?

The COALITION AGAINST STREET VIOLENCE & POVERTY (CASVAP) is a fledgling coalition of concerned citizens and religious leaders from the black, white, Hispanic and Asian communities of all political affiliations working together and dedicated to countering the destructive efforts of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The CASVAP believes that poverty, not racism, is the real problem in America today and that the 47 million Americans of all races living in poverty are the direct victims of the globalist, outsourcing policies of both the Democrats and Republicans over the last three decades. By addressing poverty, CASVAP believes street violence and drug addiction—and claims of racism—will drop dramatically. Currently in its formative stages, CASVAP expects to be making some important announcements in the next several months. Look for more information about CASVAP in future editions of AFP and other major independent news outlets.

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  1. We all know who’s behind this bullcrap and I’m interested in more information about this CASVAP movement as it gets organized. Email me on any new articles about this group.

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