China Remains No. 1 Threat

February 25, 2021 AFP Editor 2

By Richard Walker Before he left office, President Donald Trump moved the center of gravity of America’s threat preparedness up several notches to take account of the fact that China is not only America’s biggest […]

U.S. Soldiers Sacrificial Lambs

April 2, 2018 AFP Editor 5

Make no mistake about this, says Phil Giraldi: “The American soldiers and airmen who are now based in Israel are the sacrificial lambs that will guarantee U.S. entry into a war that Israel intends to […]

U.S. Ghost Walkers in North Korea

April 28, 2017 AFP Editor 3

Beginning in 1962, secret U.S. military units, referred to as “Ghost Walkers,” operated clandestinely in North Korea. Their missions were so secret, in fact, the U.S. government refuses to acknowledge the experiences in the records of these black-ops […]