Liberty vs. the Great Reset

December 18, 2020 AFP Editor 0

By Dr. Kevin Barrett The biggest loser of the 2020 presidential election was neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden. Whatever the Electoral College, the courts, Congress, state legislatures or the all-powerful media may say about […]

U.S. Bill of Rights Turns 230

November 8, 2019 AFP Editor 2

The government routinely ignores the key tenets of this historic rights document. By John W. Whitehead It’s been 230 years since James Madison drafted the Bill of Rights—the first 10 amendments to the Constitution—as a […]

They Disagree on Everything But Israel

June 6, 2018 AFP Editor 4

The U.S. legislators voting to gut the U.S. Constitution to promote “free speech” for Israel may be trying to help Israel, but some believe they’re committing treason.  By Philip Giraldi There is currently considerable agitation […]