Battle for Control of the U.S. Senate

December 9, 2020 AFP Editor 0

By Mark Anderson Perhaps the most-watched U.S. Senate races in recent American history are transpiring in Georgia, where two runoff elections will take place Jan. 5 that pit incumbent Republicans against Democratic challengers. The results […]

2018 Could Be 2016 All Over Again

November 5, 2018 AFP Editor 2

With media predicting an “easy win” for Democrats and loss of control by Republicans, Phil Giraldi points out that “On issues that really matter the Democrats are still clueless.” If they lose again this time, […]

Can the GOP’s Shotgun Marriage Be Saved?

September 1, 2017 AFP Editor 0

Given all the backbiting and infighting amongst Republicans, including even between some of Trump’s own Cabinet members and the president, can the GOP be salvaged? For that matter, can America be saved? By Patrick Buchanan Wednesday […]