Will Arizona Find Any Election Fraud?

February 27, 2021 AFP Editor 0

By Mark Anderson Maricopa County, Ariz. has embarked on what appears to be a thorough “forensic audit” of the county’s voting hardware and software—manufactured by the Dominion Voting Systems company, whose name was connected to […]

Eyewitnesses Suspect Provocateurs

February 5, 2021 AFP Editor 1

By Maggie Rose McGrath Most every news outlet, left or right, is twisting the facts and spinning the narrative that it was “Trump supporters” that “stormed” the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6. The […]

Capitol Chaos

January 11, 2021 AFP Editor 1

Nationwide peaceful pro-Trump rallies turn violent in D.C. By Mark Anderson It may sound cliché to say that the Jan. 6 mega-gathering of pro-Trump supporters represented the “best of times and the worst of times” […]

Georgia Election on President’s Mind

January 10, 2021 AFP Editor 0

Attorneys for Donald Trump allege they have a “shocking” lawsuit is coming. By S.T. Patrick Two days after the 2020 presidential election, President Trump said that there was clear “election interference” against him. “If you […]