Election Security a Big Issue

January 27, 2021 Staff 0

By Mark Anderson Due to the drama surrounding the 2020 general election—fostered by an unhinged Covid-19 crackdown that the authorities leveraged in order to encourage extensive mail-in balloting—irregularities and various unlawful actions inevitably arose, including […]

The ‘Great Reset’ Power Grab

January 23, 2021 Staff 0

Plutocrats want to consolidate power, take away more freedom. By Dr. Ron Paul World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide “Great Reset.” […]

The Covid Police State Is Metastasizing

January 21, 2021 Staff 0

By John Friend Following the rollout in recent weeks of various Covid-19 vaccines across the U.S. and the world—skeptically viewed by large segments of the American public—local and national health officials, business leaders, politicians, and […]

2020 Was Bad Year for American Freedom

January 19, 2021 Staff 1

By John Whitehead No doubt about it: 2020—a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for freedom—was the culmination of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decade for freedom. Government corruption, tyranny, and abuse […]

2020: The Year of Living Fearfully

January 16, 2021 Staff 0

2020 was the year we were told to be afraid of just about everything. By S.T. Patrick According to the Chinese calendar, 2020 was to be the “Year of the Rat.” It may be difficult […]

Covid-19 & Depopulation Policy

January 16, 2021 Staff 1

By Dr. Kevin Barrett What exactly is the New World Order (NWO)? Readers of this newspaper know that George H.W. Bush announced its advent on Sept. 11, 1991—exactly 10 years before the mother of all […]

Vaccines Pave Way for More Surveillance

January 7, 2021 Staff 0

By John Whitehead Like it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic with its veiled threat of forced vaccinations, contact tracing, and genetically encoded vaccines is propelling humanity at warp speed into a whole new frontier—a surveillance […]

Patriots Rise Up Against Tyranny

December 18, 2020 Staff 1

By John Friend As local, regional, and federal jurisdictions around the world implement more lockdowns and other tyrannical measures under the guise of combating Covid-19, which, according to the CDC’s own statistics, has an average […]

Biden Pushes Own ‘Covid Response Plan’

December 10, 2020 Staff 0

Mask mandates, lockdowns, electronic tracing, rejoining WHO all part of the plan. By Tilton Adler On Nov. 20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a record high daily total of 196,000 new […]

Vatican Diplomat Warns U.S. of ‘Great Reset’

November 27, 2020 Staff 0

By John Friend A former top Vatican diplomat and longtime archbishop who has exposed misdeeds within the Catholic Church has raised eyebrows and generated significant media attention following two extremely compelling open letters he has […]

America Needs a Vaccine Against Tyranny

November 21, 2020 Staff 1

By Dr. Ron Paul The World Health Organization (WHO) recently admitted that lockdowns cause more harm than good. Following this announcement, one would have expected American politicians to immediately end the lockdowns. After all, the […]

Canadian MPP Wants Answers on ‘Camps’

November 15, 2020 Staff 0

Randy Hillier asks if Ontario should prepare for radical Covid containment measures. By Mark Anderson Call him crazy, or perhaps just vigilant. On Oct. 20 gutsy Canadian Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier, who’s […]

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