Big Brother in Disguise

January 9, 2021 Staff 0

The Rise of the New Technological World Order. By John Whitehead Early in the morning of Monday, Dec. 15, 2020, Google suffered a major worldwide outage in which all of its internet-connected services crashed, including […]

Tech Tyrants Want to Control Your Thoughts

November 6, 2020 Staff 0

Most of the “censors” employed by Big Tech companies tied to Soros, Democrats, CNN. By Donald Jeffries On October 15, Big Tech struck again. Video-sharing website YouTube purged over 20 very popular alternative channels. Several […]

Donald Trump vs. Big Tech

July 6, 2020 Staff 0

President’s executive order declares war on thought censors’ internet monopoly. By Dr. Kevin Barrett President Trump’s first term has disappointed some of his most ardent supporters. If Trump is really trying to “make America great […]