Pair of Courageous Filmmakers Prove UN, NGOs Facilitate Migrant Caravans

By Mark Anderson

According to an in-depth video documentary produced by the alt-media website “MuckRaker,” the U.S. is the target of a quasi-covert demographic and cultural war being waged through institutions of the United Nations and various nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)—many of which have set up relief-and-supply stations for “asylum-seekers” all the way from South America to the U.S. border. Signs bearing the insignia of the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM), UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and even the European Union, among several others, are common near them.

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The grim prospect of millions of “migrants” being baited to turn their backs on their homelands and undertake a grueling trek to the U.S.—based on their deliriously naïve praise of President Joe Biden and their empty-headed ignorance of how they’re being exploited to subsume borders to advance globalism—is heavily documented. Anthony and Joshua Rubin produced the documentary, which is subheaded, “U.S. Invasion Route Exposed: Entire Illegal Alien Pipeline Revealed.”

The two brothers, cameras in tow, embedded themselves with thousands of migrants, starting from a major embarkation point in Quito, Ecuador, to the vicinity of Matamoros, Mexico across from the Brownsville, Texas port of entry. The brothers ended up east of Matamoros in an area of Mexico across from Boca Chica, Texas—the home of Elon Musk’s newest Space X operation—before being kidnapped by cartels.

As explained by Anthony near the end of the 40-minute expose, he and his brother thought they might be executed while in captivity. But cartel members instead smashed their electronic gear into tiny pieces, tried to wring money out of them, and sent them back to United States.


What led up to that ordeal is mind-blowing. The willingness of the Rubin brothers to brave the elements, become part of what coalesced into a large “caravan” and document it—while trudging through the thick, muddy, snake-infested and quite dangerous jungles of the Darian Gap between Colombia and Panama—has given the world a clearer-than-ever look at the fact that the “border crisis” is a not a spontaneous humanitarian movement wherein people, on their own initiative and solely on their own schedule and dreams, are simply “seeking a better life.”

The Rubins took the shortest (two to three days) of three routes through the Gap and still almost developed “trench foot,” which can lead to amputation. The other two routes take four to five days. Some of the migrants inevitably die on this perilous journey.

Even so, as the Rubin brothers learned, these illegals, who are rarely if ever confronted in a serious way by border authorities across the Western Hemisphere, will camp for the night mired in their own feces, urine, and various refuse from food packaging and other garbage while crossing the Gap. Things aren’t much better outside the Darien Gap. “This is their trail of tears,” Anthony states.

In Quito and in parts of nearby Colombia, some hotels are typically full of young Chinese adults—primarily military-age men. Some hotel literature includes notations and signs in Chinese. There are also Indians, apparent Syrians, Cubans, Venezuelans, and others from throughout Latin America and beyond. A town that serves as a staging area to enter the Darien Gap sees so many of these “northbound nomads” that much of the economy is now dependent on them. Stickers that promote the IOM as a major organizer of such operations are common. When Anthony asks these border-busters where they’re heading, they invariably answer “America.”

Beyond the Darien Gap, the journey goes like this:

Aboard fully arranged boats and buses, they enter refugee camps in Panama. There, the Rubin brothers were often scorned for continuing to ask travelers where they’re from and what they’re seeking, though one stammered, “Biden open borders … job.” Notably, armed supervisors, especially in the Gap, were nervous about seeing the brothers’ cameras and often acted threateningly.

From there, everyone was bused northward to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, until they reach the border of Mexico. “Human smugglers, most likely Sinaloa Cartel-affiliated, charged [the migrants] $125 each to be smuggled into Mexico,” Anthony reported.

Then, the “refugees” form a long caravan. A man at the head of it carries a crucifix with the words “containment is my death,” which the Rubins interpreted as “not allowing open borders will result in my death.”

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The caravan heads on foot to Mexico City. It’s organized by “Pueblo Sin Fronteros,” which means “People Without Borders.” The group is on the record with hostile anti-American statements as far back as 2018.

The “refugees” are filmed chanting “Biden, Biden” repeatedly and jeer when asked on camera about Donald Trump. Just past Mexico City, an NGO, “Amigo de Tren,” distributes train-route cards to the mob. A conductor stops the train about one mile from that NGO’s outpost and cartel members assist in the boarding process. The train cars, ventilated but enclosed, are packed ultra-tight with refugees in what some call “the train of death.”

In the city of Leon, in this particular trip, the train broke down. From there the refugees are on foot or some manage to take buses to finally get to Texas. The Rubin brothers took their chances and got near Texas where they experienced the above-noted abduction by a cartel.

In conclusion, Anthony shares headlines that announce efforts to give non-citizens American voting rights, and to consider hiring them in law enforcement—even though they broke the law as their very first act upon reaching the U.S.

Other headlines report U.S. veterans living under bridges while illegals are housed in hotels, some of them downright luxurious. Yet, the most glaring thing is the apparent total absence of intervention by border control authorities from Mexico or anywhere else.

These two filmmakers literally risked their lives to bring this shocking video to the world. It needs to be viewed by every member of Congress. To view the video for yourself,  visit