National Justice Party Holds Major Event

  • Up-and-coming political party holds largest pro-White meeting in recent history

By John Friend

On Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, over a busy Labor Day weekend, the National Justice Party held what was arguably the largest explicitly pro-White political meeting in a generation, gathering activists and supporters from across the nation in a large venue in the heartland of America.

The meeting, organized by the leaders of the National Justice Party (NJP), a burgeoning dissident political movement founded just over two years ago in August 2020, attracted nearly 400 guests, according to on the scene estimates. The NJP bills itself as a political organization “that will advocate for White civil rights, the working and middle class, and the traditional family against our corrupt and illegitimate institutions,” according to its official website.

Despite being censored on virtually every major social media website and banned from all major online payment processing platforms, the organization continues to grow, and the latest meeting—the 8th national mass meeting organized by the party and its supporters since its founding—was a clear indication of that.

NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich, the popular podcaster and one of the most insightful political commentators in the alternative media, delivered a powerful speech that rocked the venue. Titled “The Moral Case for White Nationalism,” Peinovich outlined the myriad reasons White Americans have every right to organize politically to champion their own unique racial and ethnic interests, particularly during a time of increased diversity, mass immigration (both legal and illegal), refugee resettlement operations, and other policies designed to undermine the traditional racial demographics of America. Peinovich, who is commonly known as Mike Enoch on his flagship podcast program “The Daily Shoah,” hosted on broadcasting network, was instrumental in the founding of the NJP, working closely with six other founding members, all of whom had extensive experience in various, now largely defunct, White nationalist organizations.

Touching on themes central to the NJP’s core mission and philosophy, Peinovich delivered a timeless address to attendees focusing on the entirely legitimate and morally defensible necessity for White nationalism and having a positive pro-White racial identity and outlook. Out-of-control violent crime committed against Whites, which is rarely properly covered in the controlled mass media, is reaching a breaking point, while Whites continue to be systematically discriminated against in employment, education, and virtually every other aspect of society. As the NJP notes on its official website, the “situation is intolerable and must be answered.”

The corrupt and “unelected oligarchy that controls government, media, finance and industry in the United States has declared White Americans to be second class citizens,” the NJP notes on its website. “Whites are placed at the very bottom of the racial preference scale for employment and education. The mainstream media broadcasts an unending torrent of degenerate, anti-White propaganda across the internet and TV screens. The police and courts turn a blind eye to violence against Whites in the streets.” Peinovich powerfully and articulately commented on all of these themes throughout his speech.

NJP Founding Council members Gregory Conte and Tony Hovater also spoke at the recent meeting, with Conte making a strong and persuasive case for abolishing the FBI, which has long been politicized and used as a weapon—particularly against pro-White dissidents—a fact most Americans clearly recognize following the non-stop persecution of former President Trump, Jan. 6 attendees, and other political dissidents, which the Biden administration and mass media have demonized as “domestic terrorists.” Hovater, meanwhile, focused his address on the increasing wealth disparities in America, financial crimes and injustices, and other outrageous economic policies designed to benefit the 1% while fleecing the productive middle and working classes.

According to multiple attendees, the event was a smashing success and the NJP is clearly an organization on the rise, led by experienced, dedicated men who have risked everything to champion a political cause and philosophy that is highly demonized and persecuted by the anti-American oligarchs controlling and influencing the U.S. government, mass media, financial system, and other important aspects of society.

“The quality of the people who attended was overwhelmingly positive,” Jazzhands McFeels, the knowledgeable host of “Fash the Nation,” a leading podcast program on broadcasting network, noted when commenting on the recent meeting. “Men, women, and their families were well-dressed, courteous, and insightful to talk to.”

Alex McNabb, another podcaster and commentator on, argued that after attending the most recent meeting it was clear that the NJP “has the best organizational strategy overall and is better positioned to grow in numbers” than any other political dissident movement in America today.

NJP events “are consistently secure, they attract a large number of vendors, and they get the widest possible sampling of White nationalists,” McNabb noted. “It took them years to get to this level using the hard-earned experience of numerous people from multiple former organizations, and that simply isn’t going to be replicated by any would-be rival within the current time-frame.”

“If you’re on the fence, it’s time to get off,” McNabb concluded, encouraging others to get involved and support the NJP. “The clock is ticking.”

Readers may visit for more details about this thriving dissident political movement and the major strides it is making.

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  1. They’d be great if they didn’t insist on putting women on a pedestal and kissing their asses no matter what they do wrong. As soon as their organization gets big enough and safe enough,a bunch of women are going to show up and simps in leadership like Warren Balogh are going to cede the power to the Aryan Princesses and then they’re going to drive the organization into the ground like they did the system the NJP is trying to replace.

    Hope I’m wrong but that’s pretty much the story of 3,000 years of White civilization and it doesn’t look like these guys are in any hurry to learn from past mistakes in that regard.

  2. Ray Epps running for president? I hope I’m just confused because I have read your site for years but this is bs

  3. Imagine the attendance if they weren’t censored from every platform.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. I became a supporter of the NJP almost 2 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing progress we’ve made. The council and staff are doing a great job. Keep it up, guys! We WILL secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. o/

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