Media Hatemongers


Dishonest coverage of “racism” designed to instigate conflict.

By John Friend

The mainstream mass media, that coterie of dishonest and malicious outlets who President Donald Trump has powerfully characterized as “the enemy of the people,” appears intent on inciting a race war, eliminating any form of dissent from the prevailing politically correct narrative, and destroying the basic standards and symbols of traditional America.

By and large, almost all major mass media outlets—save perhaps Fox News—has provided cover and, even worse, justification for the riots, looting, vandalism, and other outrageous criminality sparked in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man with an extensive criminal background who died while being arrested in late May. The mass media’s shockingly one-sided, stridently antiwhite, anti-police, anti-law and order, and anti-American perspective on virtually every racial and political issue is apparent to all paying attention.

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This should not surprise readers of this newspaper. The left-wing mass media has a long track record of inciting and justifying the sort of destructive criminal behavior Americans have seen so vividly in recent months. Police officers operating in extremely hostile and dangerous environments, often

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interacting with violent criminals who are encouraged to flout and disrespect the law and those tasked with enforcing it, have been transmogrified into brutally evil racist monsters who systematically target and hunt down blacks in America’s major cities simply for the sport of it. In reality, African-Americans commit the vast majority of violent crime and often resist arrest or otherwise refuse to cooperate with law enforcement officers trying to do their jobs.

This disrespectful and dangerous mindset has for decades been fostered, encouraged, and justified by the mass media. So called “hate crimes” committed by whites against minorities, even when they are later demonstrated to have been entirely staged or faked, are reported and hyped to the extreme, generating outrage and anger, which often turns violent and destructive.

Just this week, for example, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, one of the few blacks involved with the sport, was told a noose was hung in his garage at the iconic Talladega Superspeedway, with the implication repeated by Wallace and the media that a racist NASCAR driver or employee hung it there on purpose in order to intimidate him.

The FBI quickly dedicated 15 agents to investigate the purported hate crime. They soon discovered the “noose” was in fact a rope used to open and shut the garage door and had been situated in this particular garage since at least last year, thoroughly debunking the hate crime allegation. Nevertheless, the emotionally charged spectacle was promoted to the masses, further instilling an outrageous and entirely dishonest narrative about black victimization and oppression, systemic white supremacy and racism, and other manufactured Marxist talking points. Worse, the media never corrected their fallacious reporting.

Journalists, reporters, and average Americans speaking out publicly against the dishonest and biased narratives endlessly disseminated by the mass media are not only being publicly shamed and demonized, they are being purged from their jobs and positions in society. The Cultural Bolshevik revolution sweeping this nation is intent on tearing down any symbol or standard of traditional America while systematically eliminating any form of opposition or even criticism of this destructive agenda, and the leftist media are clearly their willing accomplices.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

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  1. Great article John. But if Christians owned the media in America, why would Christians want to drive a wedge between the Black population and the White Christian population. That does not make sense unless someone other than Christians owns the mainstream media, someone who despises the White population not just in America but the whole world. That someone of course is the Jews who are 3% of the American population but own 95% of the media corporations in America. The links below will prove that!

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