Jan. 6 Commission Hearings Violate Every Constitutional Right We Have

By Donald Jeffries

The recent Jan. 6 Commission hearings, televised on every news network (except Fox, but only initially), drummed home the message all Americans should have received long ago. This Soviet-style commission is supported by the entire establishment. There are no dissenting voices that have a large enough platform to make a difference.

Even among those who are critical of the show hearings, none mention that by holding them, our “representatives” are making it impossible for any of the Jan. 6 defendants to ever receive a fair trial. This is, of course, on top of denying them due process and unconstitutionally holding them behind bars for over a year. The existence of this commission, even before their show hearings began, notified the American public that due process of the law no longer exists, if the accused is a perceived member of a demonized class.

Jan. 6 defendants have been slandered as “white supremacists,” “racists,” “terrorists,” “traitors,” and “conspiracy theorists,” among other things. Under “woke” identity politics, certain political views are being criminalized. Question anything about the Covid narrative and you will be banned from social media for “medical misinformation.” Question anything about the 2020 election, and it’s censored as “false claims.” We are very close to people being prosecuted for being labeled “racists” or “conspiracy theorists.” The fact that neither of these terms can be quantifiably defined, and no laws exist under which they can be prosecuted, is probably something that will soon be rectified. Politicized prosecutions began in earnest when people like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn, all allies and supporters of Donald Trump, found themselves as defendants in rigged, Orwellian-style courtrooms.

The Jan. 6 Commission would have been awful regardless, but Nancy Pelosi’s heavy handed and unprecedented dismissal of a few at least partially skeptical Republicans made it a choir of irrational virtue-signalers. The left has embraced Liz Cheney, daughter of their former favorite war criminal, as the greatest Republican hero since John McCain. Cheney has been front and center of these sham proceedings.

This despicable tyrant had the audacity to proclaim, in her opening statement for the Jan. 6 Committee: “Remember the men and women who have fought and died so that we can live under the Rule of Law, not the rule of men.”

The Rule of Law? That has denied American citizens all due process, and violated all their civil liberties, while incarcerating them for over a year without trial? And many members have waxed rhapsodic about the “Constitution,” a document they ignore completely because they don’t agree with anything in it.

Back in January, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich accurately called the commission a “lynch mob.” Gingrich went on to declare, in the best QAnon tradition, that if the Republicans win a majority in Congress in the midterm elections, “all these people who have been so tough and so mean and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas.” He continued:

I think when you have a Republican Congress, this is all going to come crashing down and the wolves are going to find that they are now sheep, and they’re the ones who are in fact I think going to face a real risk of jail for the kinds of laws they’re breaking.

 Gingrich was predictably blasted by RINO commission members Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. “A former speaker of the House is threatening jail time for members of Congress who are investigating the violent Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol and Constitution,” Cheney tweeted, presumably with a straight face. “This is what it looks like when the rule of law unravels.”

This precious “Rule of Law” has broken down so completely that things haven’t changed for these political prisoners, despite a federal judge finding the warden and director of the D.C. Department of Corrections in contempt back in October 2021. In an order filed after the hearing, Judge Royce Lamberth referred the matter to Attorney General Merrick Garland “for appropriate inquiry into potential civil rights violations of Jan. 6 defendants, as exemplified in this case.” The unconstitutional Soviet-style “inquiry” didn’t miss a beat, and now all state-controlled television stations are airing the hearings live with an enthusiasm even Tass and Pravda were never known for during their heydays in the Soviet Union.

There is no cross examination in these sham proceedings. No one is there representing the interests of the political prisoners. And no member will offer token opposition to this unconstitutional outrage, or utter a word about the civil liberties of these political prisoners. References to the protests resulting in five deaths of police officers are absurd; they are adding in the four officers who committed suicide after the protests. Conservative media’s outrage is confined to the interests of Donald Trump. These hearings aren’t being held to “stop” Trump from running again. They are to remind you, yet again, of what happens to their political opponents.