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Stop De-Banking

On April 23, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed a landmark bill prohibiting the biggest banks from canceling customers in his state solely on the basis of political or religious views. Tennessee’s new law makes it illegal for major financial institutions, like nationally chartered banks with at least $100 billion in assets, along with major insurance providers, from discriminating against otherwise qualified customers because of their thoughts, speech, or affiliations. Following passage of the legislation, state Rep. Jason Zachary (R) told reporters, “Every Tennessean should feel secure in expressing their religious and political views without fear of their financial services being denied or canceled by their bank for non-financial factors.”

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Weaponizing Banks

John Eastman, who was once an attorney for former President Donald Trump, told a conservative news agency recently that he was de-banked twice in the span of several months by two prominent financial institutions, Bank of America and USAA. After he faced substantial backlash for his work advising Trump around the time of the 2020 election, the two banks closed his personal account for no other reason than they didn’t like his politics. USAA claimed in its letter that it was “exercising its right to no longer do banking business” with Eastman per its “Depository Agreement.” A USAA representative told him, “We may close your account for any reason without advance notice.”


Out of Control

In just four years, the federal government has added $11 trillion to the national debt. That’s $84,000 for every household in the country. In comparison, it took 220 years—from 1789 to 2009—for the debt to reach $11 trillion.

Don’t Rely on Social Media

Liberal magazine The Atlantic reported on April 13 that, this past February, readership of the 10 largest conservative websites fell by 40% compared with the same month in 2020. The data was collected by “The Righting,” an online newsletter that uses monthly data from Comscore—essentially the Nielsen ratings of the internet—to track conservative media. For too long many websites have relied on social media platforms to help promote their news reports. Atlantic is blaming “Facebook,” which recently changed the software that controls the website, effectively shadow-banning conservative news. For example, readership on “Drudge Report,” the largest of conservative news aggregators, was down 81% in February.
Another popular conservative news and commentary website, “The Federalist, ” lost a staggering 91% of its readers.


Biden’s Parole Program

Legal watchdog America First Legal announced that it was working with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a coalition of 20 state attorneys general to stop Joe Biden from continuing to fly hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from crime-plagued nations directly into cities across the United States. The lawsuit alleges that Texas has been harmed by the Biden administration’s “parole program” that allows 30,000 illegal immigrants each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to enter the United States.

They Never Learn

A bipartisan group in Congress is bringing attention to U.S. funding of dangerous research on bird flu viruses in a Chinese army laboratory. In a strongly worded letter that was recently sent to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack, the group of congressmen wrote that this research—which is funded by American taxpayers to the tune of $1 million—has the potential to create “new, dangerous lab-engineered virus strains that pose a threat to national security and public health.” The work involves a collaboration between the USDA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and oversees the Wuhan virus research lab that has been implicated in the apparent late-2019 Covid lab-leak.


Israelis Now Support Genocide

For the Democrats who want to blame the current Netanyahu government for the genocide in Gaza, recent polls in Israel are proving to be a problem. According to a report in The Jerusalem Post published on April 19, “In two recent surveys, the Likud Party and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have received the highest levels of support since the Oct. 7 massacre.” In one poll, conducted by Maariv, Netanyahu’s Likud Party reached a new high since the onset of the war, gaining significant public support. In other words, the Israeli public appears supportive of the mass slaughter going on in Gaza right now.

Can They Please Bomb You?

An Iranian military security official revealed to the West Asian news and commentary website “The Cradle” that the U.S. contacted Iran, asking Iranian officials to allow Israel “a symbolic strike to save face” following Iran’s retaliatory drone and missile barrage earlier in April. “Iran has received messages from mediators to let the [Israeli] regime do a symbolic strike to save face and asked Iran not to retaliate,” said the anonymous source. He added that Tehran “outright rejected” the proposal and reiterated warnings that any Israeli attack on Iranian soil would be met with a decisive and immediate response. Israel ended up attacking Iran with drones on April 19 anyway.


MSM Hypocrisy

According to a memo leaked to news website “The Intercept,” editors at The New York Times instructed journalists to avoid using certain terms like “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” in their coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza. Times reporters were reportedly discouraged from calling Israel’s control of Gaza an “occupation” and from using words like “slaughter” and “carnage.” There were no restrictions on language when Times reporters wrote about Hamas’s attack of Oct. 7, however.

Drowning in Debt ad

Battery Power

For the first time ever, on the night of April 16, battery storage was reported to be the largest source of electrical supply in the California grid, which is responsible for delivering electricity to the world’s fifth biggest economy and is one of the world’s largest electric grids, reports “Renew Economy,” an Australian energy news website. The output of battery storage in the evening peak went above six gigawatts for the first time. That allowed battery storage to overtake gas, hydro-electric, nuclear, and other renewables as the biggest source of supply for a period of about two hours in the evening peak.


Radical Gender Changes

On April 19, the Biden administration’s Department of Education (DOE) quietly dropped revisions to Title IX laws that were created in the 1970s to protect biological women against discrimination in schools and sports. In the update, Biden’s DOE has added gender to the sex-based law, meaning that universities can now be accused of discriminating against transsexual men if they don’t allow them into women’s sports and intimate spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms.


Insane U.S. Courts

If you want to know how insane U.S. courts have become lately, on April 16, a federal appeals court overturned a West Virginia law that bans males, who say they are women, from competing in female sports. The court ruled that the West Virginia law violates Title IX—a federal civil rights law that was supposed to prohibit discrimination in schools based on biological sex but liberal courts and the Democrats have watered it down by mixing in the concept of gender with sex-based rights.

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