Irrational Hatred Driving Force Behind Progressive Movement

By Paul Craig Roberts

Rob Kall, proprietor of “OpEdNews,” posted on July 17 this comment on the death of William Regnery that clearly demonstrates the loathing most leftists hold for anyone to the right of Communist dictator Mao Tse-Tung:

Fascist Funder William Regnery Dead; A Grave to [Urinate] On.

I’m not one who does not speak ill of the dead. This maggot feeder white supremacist fascism-funder deserves to rot in hell and be reviled, his grave desecrated. It might even make urination a protected first amendment free speech right. . . .

Multimillionaire white supremacist William Regnery, who financed fascists and fascist, white supremacist organizations, has, happily, dropped dead and is now rotting in hell. May his burial place be added to a list of places where despicable people are buried for tourists to pee or spit or throw garbage on their graves. These ugly sociopaths deserve to have their graves given such treatment. There is not much that separates people like Regnery from other monsters in history.

The truth? Regnery was a mild-mannered moderate conservative. His sin was that he wasn’t anti-white or anti-conservative. The vitriolic hatred spewed against him by progressive Rob Kall, who did not know him, shows that the progressive movement is driven by irrational hatred and regards all white conservatives as white supremacist scum whose graves are to be urinated upon.

How can a country survive this extreme form of hatred?

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Following The New York Times, progressives use terms such as white racist and white supremacist so loosely that the terms are devoid of meaning. Anyone who has anything positive to say about Western civilization or the founding of the United States is considered a white supremacist.  In contrast, New York psychologist Aruna Khilanani’s vitriolic expression of hatred for white people is considered free speech and, moreover, is applauded:  “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.”

Aside from being untrue, the liberal, progressive left’s denunciation of Regnery as the founder of white supremacy makes no sense according to their own doctrine of “systemic racism.”  According to this doctrine, every white person is a white supremacist by virtue of skin color because they benefit from a racist system.  So, why single out one white person as a culprit when all whites are culprits?  According to “systemic racism,” there is no difference between William Regnery and any other white.  Even mathematics is guilty of racism.

White people need to comprehend that the doctrine of “systemic racism” means that every white person is, in the end, a white supremacist.  It does not matter what you say or do or write or if you are married to a “person of color” and have mixed-race or rainbow children.  By definition, every white is a “systemic racist.”  One wonders if those enforcing this regimen will follow the Nazis and American Indian tribes in deciding how much of a Jew or Indian one has to be to qualify as Jew or American Indian. Will a half-white or quarter-white person still be a “systemic racist”?  If memory serves, some Indian tribes allow you to be a member if you are 1/16th Indian. Will demonized whites last long enough to be watered down to less than one-sixteenth of a percent white?

White Americans desperately need to wake up to the fact that hatred of them is institutionalized in education, entertainment, media, and the Democrat Party. Systemic racism and Critical Race Theory do not apply only to white, Christian, straight, Republican Trump supporters.  The terms include every white person, including those whites who mandate the teaching of white hatred in school systems and apply it to prosecutions. What is being done to white people is precisely what the Nazis did to the Jews.  First you demonize them.  Then you remove them from the population.  Don’t think “it can’t happen here.” It’s already happening.  White Americans, like Jews were in National Socialist Germany, are being removed from university admissions, occupations, and promotions by racial quotas. The white majority is being replaced in their own country. Are concentration camps next?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and was associate editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal. He has been a professor of economics in six universities and is the author of numerous books available at