Doctor Warns World About ‘Toxic Burden’

One doctor has come forward to risk the wrath of the medical-industrial complex and the establishment by blasting toxic additives that have been added to vaccines.

By James Spounias

There are some cracks in the medical-industrial complex, and one of the most electric issues facing medicine today is the matter of vaccinations, discussion of which can result in heated conversations akin to religious fervor.

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Dr. Daniel Neides, a medical doctor associated with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, got himself into hot water by writing a column on vaccinations that says, in part:

How can you call it preservative-free, yet still put a preservative in it? And worse yet, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Yet, here we are, being lined up like cattle and injected with an unsafe product. Within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine, I was in bed feeling miserable and missed two days of work with a terrible cough and body aches.

My anger actually stems from a constant toxic burden that is contributing to the chronic disease epidemic. And yet the government continues to talk out of both sides of its mouth. We want our citizens to be healthy and take full advantage of the best healthcare system in the world (so we think), yet we don’t treat our bodies with the love and attention they deserve.

Our air, water, and food supplies are completely compromised, and so it is time for us to take matters into our own hands.

We live in a toxic soup. There are over 80,000 chemicals used in various industries countrywide. There are over 2,000 new chemicals being introduced annually. We breathe in these chemicals through exhaust, eat them in our processed foods (just look at the labels that have 20 or 30 ingredients, and good luck pronouncing their names), textiles (clothing, bedding, furniture), and personal care products, including make-up, deodorant, shampoos, and soaps.

Toxins accumulate in our fat cells if they are not eliminated and interrupt normal bodily functions. Your body should be a finely tuned machine with all of the organ systems working in concert together. But when toxins disrupt normal function, problems can occur.

Those problems include cancers, auto-immune diseases, neurologic problems like autism, ADHD, and Parkinson’s disease, and the most prevalent chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Neides is not “anti-vaccine,” even though the comments in his article did get him into trouble with the high priests of medicine, who simply do not allow any dissent on the controversy.

The “toxic burden” has been written about repeatedly by this writer and many others—who have been ignored or dismissed as cranks—for a long time.

Will the fact we are dying because of toxic burden, among other preventable causes, force public outcry to bring light to how pollution affects us and lead to a concrete plan to minimize toxins and detoxify us all? Or will we continue to ignore the issue, to our own peril, and get caught in the tangled web of manufactured distractions of no consequence?

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

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  1. Good article. In addition to toxic vaccines, we’re being poisoned by chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere, the military using depleted uranium ammo in wars and the CDC/WHO experimenting with viruses (H1N1,AIDs,Ebola, etc.).

  2. as a board certified physician in practice for 41 + years this fellow is absolutely correct. the ‘fake news” of “medical journals,” academic prostitutes and our corrupt legalist overlords (rule “of” law simply means rule “by lawyers) has compromised the health of the entire nation. Juristic law has failed miserably and must be replaced or regressed back to marshal law! Sad but true.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with the doctor from the Cleveland Clinic. The food/industriall/complex doesn’t give a damn about our health. At the end of the day profits are all that count for those guys!

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