George Soros: Marxist Manipulator

George Soros.

Thought his influence waned?


He’s more powerful than ever.

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He proudly boasts of being the Rothschild banking family’s right-hand man and is listed as one of the world’s top Jewish plutocrats.

His name is Gyorgy Schwartz—today known as liberal billionaire George Soros—and in this special four-page special report, AMERICAN FREE PRESS reveals how, if not stopped, this madman with a messianic complex could trigger a civil war in America, a currency war that topples the U.S. dollar and World War III with Russia.

Report contains:

  • An overview of Soros
  • Soros’s influence and control over Obama
  • Soros’s role in financing and instigating race wars
  • Soros’s behind the scenes influence in Ukraine and his desire to bring about World War III

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