Gaslighting: 2022’s Word of the Year

  • American public subject to constant psychological manipulation

By John Friend

Merriam-Webster, America’s oldest dictionary publisher founded in 1831, revealed its “Word of the Year for 2022” as gaslighting, a term used to describe a severe form of psychological manipulation that accurately reflects the way in which America’s political and media establishment abuse and exploit the public.

Merriam-Webster defines gaslighting as psychological manipulation carried out against one or more people “usually over an extended period of time so that the victim questions the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories” resulting in “confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, and doubts concerning their own emotional or mental stability.” The word is alternatively defined as a psychological manipulation technique designed to “grossly mislead or deceive (someone) especially for one’s own advantage.”

Gaslighting can be accurately described as inverting reality, or literally telling a target audience the exact opposite of the truth or reality of a particular situation or set of circumstances. Used expertly by the mass media and political establishment, gaslighting is effectively employed to manipulate the American public to advance particular narratives and agendas, often against the best interests of the people.

“In this age of misinformation—of ‘fake news,’ conspiracy theories, Twitter trolls, and deepfakes—gaslighting has emerged as a word for our time,” Merriam-Webster explained when announcing the “Word of the Year for 2022.” Peter Sokolowski, the editor-at-large of Merriam-Webster, noted that searches for the word gaslighting rose by 1,740% this year alone.

“It’s a word that has risen so quickly in the English language, and especially in the last four years, that it actually came as a surprise to me and to many of us,” Sokolowski said.

Perhaps the American public is catching on to the techniques utilized by the mass media and political establishment to deceive, exploit, and manipulate the public? In a year of endless gaslighting about a variety of topics including Ukraine, Covid vaccines, the threat of “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism,” and related matters, that would appear to be the case as 2022 comes to a close.

The gaslighting of the American public appears to know no bounds. The public has been lied to—deliberately and consciously—about myriad subjects for a variety of reasons. Some particularly egregious examples of gaslighting in the past year include:

  • The 2020 elections were the “most secure” elections in history, when in reality countless problems plagued the process raising a variety of issues that call into question the legitimacy of the entire election
  • The events on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol were an “insurrection,” when in reality they were a largely peaceful and chaotic expression of protest against the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election
  • “White supremacists” and “domestic extremists” pose the greatest threat to the American people, when in reality virtually all cases of “domestic extremism” are in fact manufactured by the Deep State and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • America’s borders “are secure,” as Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, has insisted, when in reality record numbers of illegals and other migrants have crossed the U.S. border this year alone
  • Unlimited and unwavering U.S. support for Ukraine is about “protecting democracy,” when in reality the U.S. is engaged in a proxy war against Russia for geopolitical influence in the world
  • Russia is an “aggressor nation,” when in reality Russia’s political leadership worked for years to peacefully and respectfully resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, only to be ignored and sabotaged by the warmongering neocons controlling the foreign policy of the U.S.
  • Covid vaccines are “safe and effective,” when in reality they do not even protect an individual from getting Covid and there have been countless examples of severe, often debilitating side effects from the rushed-to-market vaccines
  • The “Great Replacement” is a baseless, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, when in reality the systematic displacement of the traditional ethnic demographic of the United States and Western Europe is state-sanctioned policy in the form of massive Third World immigration to the West
  • There is an “epidemic of anti-Semitism” in the U.S., when in reality Jews are the most protected minority in the country and have access to or outright wield tremendous influence in politics, media, banking, finance, and other important sectors of society

There are, of course, other examples of gaslighting one could cite in a year of endless psychological manipulation and outright falsification of reality by the elite political and media figures in America. The fact that gaslighting is the “Word of the Year for 2022” is a profound reflection on American society.