Former NFL Player Tackling NWO

The Last Trump

Christian convert, now a pastor, says international bankers are the real enemy.

By Dave Gahary

Kenneth B. Klein is not your typical author trying to alert readers to the dangers of the New World Order. Throughout his life, Klein has blazed his own path by, among other things, playing professional football, making films, and becoming a preacher. Despite being born into a Jewish family, Klein explained to this reporter, “I’ve always believed in Jesus from the time I was born. I had a deep reverence for Jesus.”

Talented on the gridiron, Klein was drawn to professional sports. “I ended up playing for the University of Oregon for three years,” he explained. “Then I got picked up by the San Francisco 49ers and then the Houston Oilers, [but] got devastated by injuries. It brought a quick end to my career in the pros. And then I went on a long period of darkness where I didn’t really know who I was or what I wanted to do. That’s when I was intercepted by God and became a follower of Jesus and have been for 50 years now.”

During that time, Klein’s been busy. “I’ve pastored three churches, produced about 20 documentary films, written about four or five books,” he said. “This new book,” he continued, “is kind of the last work I’ve done, The Deep State Prophecy and the Last Trump, and then I have a film coming out shortly, ‘The Four Horsemen of the Endgame’.”

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Klein believes that today’s events are signs that we are in the end times.

“What we’re seeing play out before our very eyes every day is a collision,” he explained, “the great divide today in our political system—between the conservatives and the liberals—two worldviews. One worldview is what George H.W. Bush said, that we’re gonna have a New World Order . . . whether we want it or not.” The other, he believes, is championed by President Donald Trump.

“The New World Order is conflicting with our president’s view of a nation-state system,” he said. The culprit to this divide: the House of Rothschild and the Federal Reserve Act. “This goes all the way back to the British banking houses in London,” he explained, “and that’s what this book’s all about.”

Kingdom Identity

Although today’s fake-news media and publishing houses nary make mention of the Rothschilds, Klein’s certain they’re still pulling the strings, but from behind the curtain.

“They went rogue by going invisible and erased themselves and redacted themselves from British history,” he explained. “The reason they did was because their imperialism was so tyrannical: They conquered China through opium and they conquered India by getting slave labor so they could get cotton into their control of the textile industry in the 1800s, and they became so infamous that they had to disband, or at least have the appearance that they disbanded.”

Klein explained how the Rothschilds maintain control today.

“What they did about 20 years ago is,” he explained, “they allowed Lloyd’s of London to control and dictate the price of gold and silver—which is the de facto measurement for every currency in the world—and they don’t have to be seen. That’s their proxies.”

Klein detailed an enemy of this nation painfully familiar to this newspaper’s readers. “In my book, I deal with these two beasts: One beast is this system of empires that started with the Egyptian Empire all the way through the British Empire to the present-day New World Order in Manhattan, which is characterized by the United Nations. And the second beast, which is called a false prophet, I believe is international media control,” he explained.

“When you talk about media control and the ability for them to manage the information that we get, one of the things they’re doing and trying to do is to eliminate free speech and the ability to communicate with one another. So right now, for example, in Facebook they control who gets your messages. They also control it for YouTube. These are the same people that control all this information. The ability to stop us from communicating would eliminate the possibility for organizing to deal with it. So it’s becoming harder and harder to communicate in a way that people can be organized to deal with the problems in a groundswell against the evil. They know what they’re doing. They are powerful people that are brilliant. That’s why I say our time is short.”

“President Trump has maybe 5-1/2 years left,” Klein continued. “What happens when he’s gone? There isn’t anybody like him. So we don’t have a long time to be able to prepare for the negativity in the outside world that can control us. And the only way to deal with it is not where we can organize to overthrow the wickedness in the Congress, or these people that are speaking against our own president, but to be able to just stand and not let it overcome us.”

Deep State Prophecy, Klein
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“People need to be fortified on the inner man so that they’re not overcome by this outside world, because the outside world is overcoming a lot of people,” explained Klein. “A lot of Christians are falling. I have a friend that’s a pastor, and he’s speaking against Trump, and I’m going, ‘Would you rather have Nancy Pelosi? Are you crazy? Or Hillary Clinton? Or any of these other people?’ They’re incredibly insane, and yet they come off as very normal.”

Klein believes there’s hope.

“I think President Trump has been sent by the Lord to give us more time to gather more people for the kingdom of God that we’re called to,” Klein said. “This man’s been put in this place as a godsend, I believe, and he’s been equipped with special abilities to deal with all of these things. So the kingdom of God surrounds this guy, and that means there’s angelic powers that accompany him so that he can do this; it’s supernatural, him being able to stand in this intense scrutiny and pressure and evil. This poor man. What he’s gotta endure, it’s unbelievable,” said Klein. “I don’t know if anybody’s ever, other than Jesus maybe, been affected by so much hatred. It’s unbelievable.”

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him. Dave is the producer of an upcoming film about the attack on the USS Liberty. See the website for more information.

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