Cities That Defunded Cops Now Want Them Back

By AFP Staff

Well, well, well. Who could have predicted this? Cities that called for defunding their police forces, demoralizing them for their often thankless jobs trying to keep communities safe, are scrambling to beef up law enforcement after waves of crimes and violence have swept through communities.

Seattle is the latest. According to multiple local reports, Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkin is now calling on the city to rebuild its police force after mass resignations, retirements, and reassignments substantially reduced law enforcement departments. The move comes after several weeks of increased violence that has plagued the city.

Last summer Durkin sought to cut the police force’s budget by $20 million, prompting the city’s first black female police chief to quit. Seattle’s City Council wanted to cut the police force even more, but Durkin reportedly blocked that.

Fast forward a year, and shootings across the city are up by a third.

“As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,” Durkan said at a press conference yesterday. “Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.”

Wow! Who could have ever predicted that if you lie about police shootings and trash talk your own force for political points on the left, that many seasoned officers would quit and either find new jobs or move to states where they’re appreciated?

It is worth emphasizing that, for all the claims made by the left, black Americans actually support their local police forces and want them to increase policing of even minor crimes like vandalism and graffiti.

It is overwhelmingly white kids from middle-class and well-off families that support defunding the police. The below video of black families protesting to end violence in their communities being confronted by white Antifa members demonstrates this perfectly: