Issue 37 & 38 News You May Have Missed

September 18, 2023 AFP Editor 0

U.S. Escalates War in Ukraine  In December 2022, the Biden administration declined to send long-range missiles to Ukraine out of deep concern that they would be used to launch attacks inside Russia and would escalate […]

FBI Goes on Nationwide Murder Spree

September 13, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By José Niño In the last few years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been placed under intense scrutiny for its role in perpetuating the false “Russian collusion” narrative against former President Donald Trump […]

Why Do Conservatives Love MLK?

August 11, 2023 AFP Editor 2

By James Edwards When and how things are going to radically turn around in America, I can’t say. However, I can make one statement with 100% certainty—“conservatives” need to stop glorifying Martin Luther King Jr. […]

Issue 31 & 32 News You May Have Missed

August 8, 2023 AFP Editor 0

Ukraine War Despite the U.S. and Europe donating well over $100 billion to Ukraine, the war is not going well for the Ukrainians. According to recent published reports, the Ukrainian army continues to throw men […]

2024 Presidential Election in Chaos

July 28, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By AFP Staff The 2024 presidential election may be 18 months away, but it’s already falling into chaos as third-party contenders,  rivals in the Republican and Democrat parties, and potential criminal charges threaten the re-election […]

Transgender Fad Runs Rampant

July 27, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By Donald Jeffries The transgender lunacy shows every sign of continuing to make inroads on what’s left of our American civilization. This sheer insanity permeates every organ of our society, and no government agency or […]

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