Canadian Professor Suspended Over ‘False Flag’ Social Media Post

A professor at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, who maintains controversial ideas regarding World War II, says he has been suspended from his position after he was targeted by activists. Prof. Anthony Hall contends his Facebook account was hacked and ridiculous, exaggerated images were posted on his page advocating violence.

By John Friend

Professor Anthony Hall, a tenured professor at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, was recently suspended without pay after an outrageous image was planted on his personal Facebook profile without the professor’s knowledge or consent. Comments, videos, memes, and other images can often be posted by third parties on the personal Facebook profiles of users without their knowledge or consent, which is exactly what happened in this particular case.

The controversial image in question featured an Orthodox Jewish man in a headlock with a lengthy written commentary posted to the side of the image which included a call to “kill all Jews now!” B’nai Brith, a Jewish supremacist organization which operates in Canada and across the Western world to advance Jewish interests as well as silence critics of Israeli brutality and Jewish power, influence, and criminality, launched a massive campaign to expose the outrageous image maliciously posted to professor Hall’s Facebook page, demanding police investigate the matter and that Hall be fired as a professor at the Canadian university. Professor Hall specializes in globalization studies at the university and is a 9/11 skeptic and champion of freedom of thought, speech, and academic inquiry.

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Professor Hall has long been a target of organized Jewry and their enforcers of political correctness for his investigations into false flag events, so-called “conspiracy theories” and other controversial events and historical narratives. Along with former professor Kevin Barrett, who years ago was forced out of his teaching position with the University of Wisconsin-Madison for questioning the official government and media promoted conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11, professor Hall co-hosts a weekly program called False Flag Weekly News, which “looks behind the headlines and main stream media stories to get at what’s really going on in the world,” according to the shows’ description.

The Lethbridge Police Service conducted an investigation into the malicious image posted to Hall’s Facebook page, which resulted in no criminal charges being filed. The image was quickly removed from Facebook and the user who posted it to Hall’s page had his or her account deleted.

However, the University of Lethbridge, largely at the behest of B’nai Brith, suspended the esteemed professor, a decision which has once again undermined the very institution of academic tenure. Readers of AFP will no doubt recall the trials and tribulations of professor James Tracy, a tenured professor who was fired from Florida Atlantic University largely due to his entirely legitimate and scholarly research into the alleged Sandy Hook elementary shooting, the purported Boston bombing, and other controversial, highly questionable events and narratives.

“It is gratifying to see that the university has taken decisive action, and has chosen to protect their students and their reputation as an institute of higher learning,” Michael Mostyn, the CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, stated following the university’s decision to ax the free-thinking professor.


In response, Hall declared that B’nai Brith has effectively taken control of the University of Lethbridge and that the “organized Zionist lobby” is “breaking down the structural basis for free and open discussion,” particularly on college campuses.

Professor Hall has written a lengthy commentary on his ordeal, which readers of AFP are encouraged to read for themselves. This episode once again demonstrates that the organized Jewish community across the Western world are the leading aggressors against the concepts of free thought, speech and scholarly, independent research and analysis of controversial historical and contemporary narratives and events. The tyranny of the organized Jewish community knows no bounds – they appear to be willing to engage in “false flag”-style operations designed to smear and slander legitimate academics and scholars in an effort to terminate their teaching careers, as this case proves quite clearly.

John Friend is a writer from California.

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  1. A person has to be an idiot, or corrupt, in order to promulgate that 19 Muslims with god powers shut down 3 laws of science in order to take down 3 buildings with 2 airplanes… through the path of most resistance.

    One is also educated to the IQ diminishing power of drinking an EPA designated class 4 developmental neuro toxin when one is exposed to the laughable ignorance called truth by the 911 ridiculous theorists, those who beLIEve the anti science fairy tale told by the US government….A anti science story supported by the other nation states owned by the financiers.

    Science says…
    Law of thermo-dynamics
    “If you have a flame of 750 degrees, you can hold that flame under steel forever and you will NEVER reach a high enough temperature to bend steel, let alone melt it.”
    Robert Podolsky – Masters in theoretical physics, Physicist /engineer. Systems analyst, Air Force Avionics Lab, Coast Guard electronics

    Law of aerodynamics
    “”I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93. I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s. The aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.”
    Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force – Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years. Aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777. 30,000+ total hours flown.
    Law of motion/momentum
    Commander James Clow, MS, U.S. Coast Guard (ret) – Retired U.S. Coast Guard officer
    “No matter how one views the videos of the Towers and Building 7 collapsing, the laws of physics MUST hold true. If F=ma appears to have been violated (e.g., free-fall collapse of the buildings at nearly 9.8 m/sec/sec), then something is seriously amiss and one must start looking for the “other hand” hidden beneath the table to discover what is really happening”
    And the dearth of available evidence and fact…
    -Several tons of molten iron – Rapid oxidation and intergranular melting—
    -Microspheres of molten iron – 1400 victims blown into tiny fragments—
    -Total building destruction – Complete dismemberment of steel frame—
    -Temperatures well above what is possible under alleged conditions—
    -Expanding pyroclastic dust clouds – Positive ID of Nano Thermite—
    -Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of electronics, concrete & metal decking–
    -Destruction through path of greatest resistance at near free-fall
    -3 layers reinforced concrete punctured, + 3 unreinforced layers of concreted punctured at the pentagon, 6 layers in total punctured by a flying pop can..
    -No debris or evidence of aircraft at all
    -Flight paths mis-reported and fighter craft response deliberately delayed by the Pentagon
    -Evidence destroyed before investigations , and this is a blatant crime done by the government, to hide evidence…Just like this is…

    “A FOIA request to NIST, by a registered structural engineer, for calculations and analysis substantiating the lock off failures of the horizontal girders from their seats, at column 79 and 81, was denied by NIST. With the claim that releasing this data, might jeopardize public safety”
    How could it possibly jeopardize public safety, to tell people in the industry, the architects and engineers who are responsible for designing these buildings, how this failure could occur?”
    “”The only peer-reviewed papers that provide a physically plausible mechanism for collapse of WTC 1, 2, or 7 are papers that conclude with controlled demolition – a result consistent with the fact that in over 100 years, no high-rise steel frame building has ever collapsed from fire alone. “”
    Timothy E. Eastman, Ph.D., Physics Group Manager for Space Science Support
    Heliospheric Physics Laboratory NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    “The many visual images (massive structural members being hurled horizontally, huge pyroclastic clouds, etc.) leave no doubt in my mind explosives were involved [in the destruction of the World Trade Center].”
    Dwain Deets, MS Physics, MS Eng – Former Director, Aerospace Projects, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.  Before this appointment, he served as Director, Research Engineering Division at Dryden.  Recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Award and the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in the Senior Executive Service (1988). 
    “Serious technical investigations by experts seem to be lacking from the official explanations.”
    Larry L. Erickson, BS Aeronautical Eng, MS Aeronautical Eng, PhD Eng Mechanics – Retired NASA Aerospace Engineer and Research Scientist. Conducted research in the fields of structural dynamics, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and flutter. Recipient of NASA’s Aerodynamics Division Researcher-of-the-Year Award. 33-year NASA career. Member, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics.


    It wasn’t Muslims, Jews, or Christians that did 911., It were those people interested in imperialism and globalism, and that my friends is called money power. Helped by their greedy, envious minions, and useful idiots which are found in all faiths.

  2. “Professor Hall has long been a target of organized Jewry…”

    “Organized Jewry!” ROFL! How absurd.

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