Black Pastor: Abandon the Democrats

A coalition of black church leaders is seeking a “reckoning of conscience” among black Americans, arguing that the Democrats have hurt the poor by enslaving them on social welfare programs and by placing government above God. According to the group’s leader, this is what is behind the violence and lawlessness in urban areas across the U.S.

By Ronald L. Ray

Rev. Bill Owens, the founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), is no stranger to struggles for the soul of American society. As a young man from Tennessee, he participated in the black civil rights movement led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Today in his seventies, the proud father of eight children has called publicly for an exodus of blacks from the Democratic Party, whose failed policies he says have re-enslaved them and robbed them of their dignity. On Oct. 1, AFP interviewed the fearless pastor to learn more.

Owens knows what poverty is. He grew up in a two-room home in Memphis, with no indoor plumbing, and which housed 11 children. His mother took in his cousins after her sister died. As a boy, he picked cotton for three cents per pound—modern wage-slavery—but he grew up to obtain a college education and to found an organization that has helped countless inner-city children achieve higher learning and successful lives: “We gave them hope. We gave them opportunity.”

Today, CAAP, which began in 1988 as Give Me a Chance Ministry, has grown to comprise 7,000 pastors and an email list of over 300,000 names. For decades, says Owens, “President Lyndon Johnson was my hero—when he started the campaign to overcome poverty. I believed it until December of [2015]. He had good intentions. He had unintended consequences.”

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Then a historian-friend told him it was not so: “He did what he did on purpose to enslave the black people.”

Owens began to study the history. Johnson sent 100,000 federal workers to convince black women to accept welfare and food stamps—and to get black men out of the home. But, says Owens, “You give up your dignity . . . and desire to achieve. What we are doing is fascism: Government takes the place of God, the father, and the family.”

He says blacks used to be the “conscience of America,” who “saved America” through their struggle for equal rights and opportunity, which gave credibility to the country when it sought to defend human rights elsewhere. He knows what that struggle accomplished, because he has experienced the better way white people treat blacks today.

With regard to Black Lives Matter, however, he said: “It’s not the civil rights movement. It’s funded by the left wing . . . . My position is: All lives matter.”

Owen believes a lot more black people would be alive today if they had respected the badge and respected the police.

But today, he says, “I cannot vote for a party that wants to take the shackles off our feet and put them on our minds.” Consequently, CAAP has called for “an exodus from and a denouncement” by blacks of the Democratic Party, which has abandoned positive values it once held.

It is not just because of the enslavement of people to a would-be all-powerful government through the liberals’ welfare programs, which destroy people’s work ethic and sense of responsibility.

It is also the promotion of abortion, which in this country, Owens rightly notes, “was started to eliminate blacks by Margaret Sanger,” the founder of Planned Parenthood.

It is also about religion. “Hillary Clinton says [blacks] must change their religion,” notes Owens but, “Our religion carried us through slavery” and gave hope of redemption and freedom. “When someone thinks they have the authority to change people’s religion, that’s dangerous.”

Owens and CAAP are appalled by Barack Obama’s undermining of the traditional family.

The pastor had friends in the homosexual community, who said Obama would tout the natural family in his first term but bring in homosexual “marriage” in his second term—and so it happened.

Now, even the “Equality Act” (H.R. 3185) has been introduced, which would enshrine special rights for perverts. With regard to so-called gender equality, Owens said, “There is simply no relation between the struggles that black Americans have faced and the desire of a tiny minority group to violate the dignity and privacy of women and girls.”

“It’s a disgrace,” declares Owens. “The civil rights movement was not about that. Obama has spit on the graves of all those who marched, were beaten, and died. . . . They put God out and make the state god.”


But what is the alternative?

“At this point . . . the only redeeming factor I see about Donald Trump” is his potential Supreme Court choices. Owens provided the explosive revelation that, if Mrs. Clinton is elected, “The deal is that Obama will be the next Supreme Court nominee.” If that happens, “America is finished.”

Owens has called for civil disobedience and suffering jail time to stop the homosexualist juggernaut.

He is prepared to resist, but is concerned: “I don’t know that people have the will now. I’m afraid that many black leaders might have sold out.”

The solution to our problems, however, is not just political, he says.

“We’ve gone so far down the road, it’s going to take a religious conversion to turn it.”

Let us all fight alongside CAAP to save the traditional family and our society. Or else, Owens warns, “You won’t recognize America in ten years’ time.”

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence. Contact Ron by email at [email protected].

3 Comments on Black Pastor: Abandon the Democrats

  1. To begin with the renewal of the American Republic, America needs a President that will welcome God and His beloved son back into the Public Square and into every Classroom of Public Education.

    America needs a President that will abolish the Federal Reserve System, and the Personal Income Tax.

    America needs a President that will suspend all aid and terminate all ties with the illegal State of Israel.

    America needs a President that will halt all wars, and close 900 US Military Bases around the world.

    America needs a President that will impeach and incarcerate the treasonous members of the US Congress holding US/Israeli dual citizenship, professing allegiance to the murderous and counterfeit state of Israel, and AIPAC.

    America needs a President that will impeach and incarcerate the treasonous Justices of the US Supreme Court whose opinion favored the removal of the Bible, Prayer Recitation, and the Display of the Ten Commandments from Public Education, Abortion on Demand, Same Sex Marriage, and of Imminent Domain granting Local Governments the right to take possession of Private Property and turn it over to Land Developers.

    America needs a President that will nullify the Legalization of Separation of Church and State, Affirmative Action, Euthanasia, Divorce, and Sodomy.

    America needs a President that will abolish the Patriot Act, and close all borders, and restore the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

    America needs a President that will abolish Obamacare, and institute a Cradle-to-Grave Health Care System that works.

    Forget Hellary Clinton and Donald Trump, since both are the pandering puppets of the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of Federal Reserve System, and the murderous and warmongering Zionist fake Jews of the illegal State of Israel.

  2. As one who has dealt with same-sex attraction and escaped it’s enslavement to sin by the grace of God, I’m ready to sit in jail with Pastor Owens if need be to oppose the imposition of this radical sexual ideology on the country and our children. The UnSupreme 5 unconstitutionally legislated same-sex marriage, and I do not recognize their decision as valid. “We, the People” have no where in the Constitution given a right to government to re-define words. They had to assume a re-definition of “marriage” in order to reach their decision. May all those (black and white) who have been enslaved by Democratic (and sometimes Republican) party politics, wake up and break out of their chains.
    A “Restoration of Liberty” Act” is sorely needed. Our founders declared Liberty an inalienable, Creator-endowed (not government given) right, so government has no authority to deny Individual Liberty. Individual (persons and entities) Liberty is, in fact, the right to discriminate; otherwise, Liberty has no real meaning. Discrimination is required if one wishes to become wise; we must discriminate between good/evil, healthy/unhealthy, fantasy/reality, for example. Unfortunately today we are far removed from the bedrock principle of “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Now, most people expect government to “protect” them from other people’s decisions that they don’t like.
    There are two levels of “Discrimination” that need to be legally codified – Societal and Individual. Individual discrimination is the exercise of Individual Liberty. Government’s job is to protect that God-given right. Government has legitimate authority to address ONLY demonstrable Societal Discrimination. Why? Because only Societal Discrimination denies Individual Liberty. Example: Over 50 years ago there was demonstrable Societal Discrimination (via segregation laws) against black people. They were denied Individual Liberty to choose what water fountain, restroom, restaurant, hotel, school etc. they could use. Government legitimately intervened (1964 Civil Rights laws) to give black people Individual Liberty that had been denied. Personally, all other categories (other than color) that have been added are illegitimate, as they have not been demonstrably Societal Discrimination, and should be deleted. Example: age: If I (70-yr old) enter a restaurant and the owner says “Sorry, we don’t serve old guys.”, he is merely exercising his Individual Liberty. As long as I can walk down the street and be served at another restaurant, my Liberty has not been denied. Government, thus, has no legitimate authority to force the owner to serve me, or to give me legal grounds to sue – NONE!
    Thus, all “anti-discrimination” laws which address only Individual Discrimination and not Societal Discrimination are, in fact, ANTI-LIBERTY and are unconstitutional.
    P.S. The word “Discrimination” is not to be found in the Constitution. All discussion/legislation must center on the Constitutional word “Liberty”.

  3. Thank you for the work you are doing. I just came across your email and have donated to your organization. What we need is a march on Washington now more than ever. White and Blacks together to demand our so called leaders do what is right for American, not for themselves. Both parties are corrupt along with the FBI, IRS, etc. If you could organize a march on Washington I would be in and I’m sure a lot more if Hillary should win the White House!

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