Billions of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Flow To Ukraine

President Biden and the U.S. Congress have sent Ukraine billions of dollars, much of it following the Russian invasion in late February. Many are wondering where all the money is actually going – and whether or not it is simply disappearing into a blackhole of corruption, payoffs, and bribes.

Dan Spinelli, a national security reporter for Mother Jones, recently pointed out that the $33 billion in aid to Ukraine recently requested by President Biden would represent more U.S. foreign aid money to all but four countries since 1946.

Unsurprisingly, Israel has received the most U.S. foreign aid since 1946 of any country – an astonishing $132 billion. Afghanistan, Egypt, and Iraq round out the next three countries receiving the most U.S. aid. Ukraine would make the list if Congress grants Biden’s request.

“We need this bill to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom,” President Biden stated at the White House last week when officially requesting the money. “The cost of this fight – it’s not cheap – but caving to aggression is going to be more costly.”

The billions of dollars handed out to Ukraine – and countless other foreign countries and international organizations – in recent years could easily be spent in America. While Americans struggle with inflation, skyrocketing home prices, increasing costs for gas, food, and other basic necessities, and a myriad of other economic factors, more are asking how the U.S. has so much money for foreign countries, international projects and organizations, war and military spending while the average American taxpayer is neglected.

“It may be said that the major effect of America’s support for Ukraine’s corrupt government and its covert aggression against Russia is hurting the American people more than anyone else by diminishing their chances of ever recovering from the economic devastation triggered by the phony pandemic and drastic social restrictions that have harmed everyone in the world,” John Kaminski, a popular alternative commentator and writer, recently noted. “So billions of dollars in lavish U.S. funding for a renegade Ukrainian government that takes a peculiar pleasure in murdering its own citizens not only furthers the American reputation for being criminal killers in other people’s countries, but also directly harms American citizens who, not thinking clearly, are persuaded to support these crimes which are inadvisable from every angle.”