Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee a Fan of CRT

By John Friend

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who President Biden nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court in late February, has openly praised some of the leading proponents of the controversial and divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT), an anti-White historical and sociological paradigm that has gained prominence in recent years.

Judge Jackson has also lent credence to far-leftist concepts such as “microaggressions,” a term coined by Harvard psychiatrist Chester Pierce in 1970 that describes insults and other “verbal, behavioral or environmental slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative attitudes toward stigmatized or culturally marginalized groups,” according to its official Wikipedia page.

Proponents of the concept of so-called “microaggressions” insist they are committed on a daily, almost constant basis against Blacks and other minorities in America by Whites, and represent one form of systemic racism and oppression perpetrated against minorities.

Judge Jackson invoked the concept of “microaggressions” in an address at the James E. Parsons Award Dinner for the Black Law Student’s Association at the University Of Chicago in February 2020.

“I absolutely know and understand that you will face prejudice and other obstacles that other people in your environment do not have to endure,” Judge Jackson stated in her address. “Life is not fair, and I totally get that the microaggressions that you are observing are real.”

In January 2020, Judge Jackson gave a lecture at the University of Michigan Law School as part of an annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. In her lecture, she specifically cited Derrick Bell, popularly known as a founder of the CRT worldview, as having a major influence on her thinking and inspiring her in her career. Bell wrote Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism in 1993, a book Judge Jackson noted that her parents had in their library which had a significant influence on her intellectual development.

“My parents had this book on their coffee table for many years, and I remember staring at the image on the cover when I was growing up; I found it difficult to reconcile the image of the person, who seemed to be smiling, with the depressing message that the title and subtitle conveyed,” Judge Jackson explained during the lecture. “I thought about this book cover again for the first time in forty years when I started preparing for this speech, because, before the civil rights gains of the 1960s, black women were the quintessential faces at the bottom of the well of American society, given their existence at the intersection of race and gender — both of which were highly disfavored characteristics.”

The Daily Wire and Breitbart, two leading conservative media outlets, have highlighted Judge Jackson’s leftist bona fides, which have drawn criticism from a variety of political commentators and Republican legislators.

Judge Jackson is currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a confirmation hearing, which is expected to wrap up this week. If confirmed, she would be the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court.

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  1. Has anyone at the newspaper American Free Press noticed the comparison between CRT and CFT (Critical Faith Theory? Both are propaganda agendas once foisted on children in schools until the Supreme Court threw CFT out of our schools in Separation of Church and State. Now, we have to do it again with CRT which is not nearly so bad as the dogma of Christianity: Malachi 2:3 I will corrupt their seed and throw dung on their solemn feasts (other belief systems) and in their faces or Luke 19:27 Jesus: Slay all those who do not wish for me to reign or Paul in Corinthians: Heathens (non-believers) are ANATHEMA and much worse from Paul through Luke and how about the Lord: Deuteronomy: Stay with Me to the end and we will rule the world with an iron hand as we are ABOVE ALL PEOPLE. Sounds like Democrats to me and check out the Promised Land (Canaan) for slavery and socialism: this dogma is the most racist document ever written but worshipped and sold to our kids who wear crosses to this invisible deity!!!!

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