AUDIO INTERVIEW: Black Mob Attack in Kansas a Cautionary Tale for Whites—Part 2


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In Part 2 of this story, Randy Robbins, whose daughter, Lindsey Gann, was violently attacked by a black mob for confronting several children for hitting and bullying younger kids, follows up with some disturbing information.

Randy spoke with AMERICAN FREE PRESS on July 2, to reveal some amazing developments in this matter, including threatening phone calls he received from various blacks, the decision of the Topeka Baseball and Softball Association on who to ban from the ballpark, and a visit from one of its officials, the identification of the adult attackers, Monice Webster and MayShayla Ray, and the charges announced against them, his daughter’s decision to pack up and leave Topeka, and the black gang violence in the town and the federal government’s involvement in battling this scourge.

Dave Gahary spoke with Randy about this and more, in this disturbing interview (24:06).

Check out Part 1 of this story for a full description of the attack and its immediate aftermath.


Lindsey right after the attack


TBSA official Adina Mayhew


Monice Webster


MayShayla Ray

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series. He prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him.

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  1. Thanks Dave Gahary, for the courage to report on a subject many are afraid to even openly discuss! You are a Patriot! War has been waged on white America! Barack Hussein Obama has blood on his hands!

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