Assault on Peaceful Trump Supporters Condemned

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By John Friend

Antifa terrorists, Black Lives Matter (BLM) fanatics, and other left-wing radical activists have continued their assault on America in the aftermath of the contested 2020 presidential election, largely with impunity. At a major rally in Washington, D.C. held on Saturday, Nov. 14 dubbed the Million MAGA March or the Mega March, which drew over 100,000 supporters of President Donald Trump according to on-the-ground estimates, numerous pro-Trump rally-goers were violently assaulted and harassed by mobs of radical left-wing fanatics, resulting in several injuries. Videos emerged on social media outlets of, in some cases, isolated Trump supporters attempting to disperse from the rally while anti-Trump counter-protesters accosted and physically assaulted them.

In one despicable incident, an older Trump supporter was sucker punched from behind, knocking him to the ground. Several other assailants, two women and another man, descended upon the man, once he was nearly unconscious and defenseless on the ground, striking and kicking him in the face before robbing him. D.C. Metropolitan Police detectives arrested four individuals involved in the brutal attack, identifying the suspects as Bobby Smalls (29), Dashawna Gause (28), Kenneth Wayne Deberry (39), and Alexus Doris Owens (24). All were charged with disorderly conduct and inciting violence, and three were also charged with possession of weapons.


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According to “The Post Millennial,” Deberry has been identified as the assailant who sucker punched the victim from behind, knocking him woozy with the cheap shot. Deberry is a registered child sex offender and was released from federal prison earlier this year. He is a vocal supporter of the BLM movement, according to comments and posts on his social media accounts.

Several Republican congressmembers criticized the attacks by BLM and Antifa thugs, with some calling for the president to step in and take action.

“In the light of day, tremendous crowds of Americans peacefully rallied in Washington in support of [Trump],” House Minority Leader Kevin Mc-Carthy (R-Calif.) said following the rally. “Then, in the cover of darkness, dozens of Antifa thugs launched violent attacks in the streets. Conservatives will not be intimidated by cowards!”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) argued that supporters of the president have every right to peacefully assemble for their cause, as do critics of the president, before condemning the violence committed against Trump supporters. “The physical violence we’re witnessing the past few hours in D.C. targeting his supporters is disgusting,” Zeldin stated.

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House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) stated on Twitter: “Last night [Trump’s] supporters were attacked and beaten by left-wing mobs on the streets of D.C. Where is the media outrage? Why aren’t Democrat leaders condemning it? Political violence has no place in America.”

Even today, Portland continues to suffer at the hands of Antifa militants, who have ravaged the city and private property for months on end. Following the election, Antifa groups vandalized and attacked a Democratic Party office building in the city, breaking windows and spray painting anti-law enforcement messages on the building. Just this past weekend, over 20 businesses were attacked and vandalized across the city by Antifa militants, with Portland police reporting not a single arrest was made during the lawlessness and mayhem.

“Officers responded to the scene and were able to interrupt the vandalism,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement, reporting on their response to vandalism taking place at a downtown courthouse. “Units remained at the location as high visibility. Because of the high visibility, the group dispersed from the area without creating any more damage. No arrests were made.”


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In other parts of the city, black-clad and masked Antifa hooligans destroyed private property and businesses, including a Chase bank office, and vandalized countless storefronts with Antifa and Black Lives Matter graffiti.

The mayhem, upheaval, and criminality on display across the country for much of this past year has resulted in an unfathomable amount of damage and destruction to private property and businesses. While some of these domestic terrorists have been charged with crimes relating to the mayhem, left-wing local prosecutors across the nation have largely decided to drop the charges concluding that the protesters were simply “exercising their basic civil rights,” according to a recent report published by The New York Times.

According to a retired policeman writing in Law Enforcement Today, “Think things would get better under a potential Biden administration? Think again. These people have been empowered and it’s going to remain ugly and possibly get uglier.”

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.