Anti-Police Propaganda Results In Another Deadly Attack

By AFP Staff

Polls show that Americans of all races and creeds overwhelmingly support their local police, but a small minority of far-left activists and wealthy elites have been dominating the narrative of late with no small agenda. Their goal is to upend the United States by provoking chaos and violence, especially among minorities and the nation’s youth.

A recent incident demonstrates perfectly what is likely to come in the future as a result of this rhetoric. Cpl. Keith Heacock, 54, from Delaware is currently brain dead and on life support in Baltimore—all because he did his job and responded to a routine call of a fight in progress. When Heacock showed up, however, he was attacked by one of the black assailants, Randon D. Wilkerson, 30. Witnesses told police that Wilkerson knocked Heacock to the ground and repeatedly slammed his foot on Heacock’s head while the officer lay unconscious. There can be no doubt that Wilkerson had been poisoned with emotionally charged rhetoric about murderous, racist cops shooting unarmed blacks—a myth AFP has debunked over and over again with actual crime statistics.

A few brave souls are pushing back on this dangerous narrative. Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.), who is black and was a police chief in Orlando before she took office in 2016, recently called for cooler heads to prevail. In an interview, Demings said: “Now everybody has the benefit of slowing the video down and seizing the perfect moment. The officer on the street does not have that ability. He or she has to make those split-second decisions, and they’re tough.”

Unfortunately, grifters, such as attorney Ben Crump spray gasoline on already tense situations by lying to reporters about police shootings, calling them executions or omitting important contextual facts about the details of criminals who have been shot by police.

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The worst part of all of this is that the ones who will suffer most as a result of the breakdown in law and order are the very people who need it the most: the poor people living in high-crime areas of the nation. As more and more demoralized cops quit their jobs in cities to take safer positions in the suburbs and rural areas, the crime and homicide rates in cities like Chicago and New York skyrocket, but don’t expect the leftists to take any responsibility for these crime waves.

The truth is, black lives only matter to them when they can be used for political or financial gain. And there is no money, no fame, no adulation and no glory in trying to tackle the greatest threat facing black communities today, and that is the black-on-black violence plaguing America’s inner cities. That’s their dirty secret and one that no liberal really wants to discuss in public for fear the black community might catch on to their dangerous scam.

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  1. Hello. America needs 3 Police Man in some neighborhoods. As a 13 year old this reader remembers 3 Police Man to a car in 1977 New York Down Town near the Empaire State building. All Cop cars with 3 Cops. Bring the Policy Back. Have a safe Day.

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