America First PAC Conference Draws Big Crowd in Florida

By Mark Anderson

The America First Political Action Committee (AFPAC) first met in early 2020 on the outskirts of D.C. to provide a counter­point to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC—which AFPAC supporters see as consisting of shifty “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only) and other species of counterfeit conservatives.

While AFP reported on AFPAC’s 2020 inaugural event, we caught up with AFPAC again this year at the AFPAC III conference Feb. 25 in Orlando, Fla. Longtime AFP contributing writer and outreach director Pete Papaherakles attended the event along with AFP readers Sidney Secular and Jim Condit Jr.

Papaherakles told this AFP writer:

They struck a chord with young people, and they promote the interests of white Americans against the tide of political correctness.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was there and gave a great speech about Barack Obama’s [counterfeit] birth certificate. There were over 1,000 people there, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) who participated via video. They’re openly Christian at this event.

In his introductory remarks, AFPAC organizer Nick Fuentes called the conference “the preeminent right-wing political movement in America.”

“Our ‘secret sauce’ here is young white men,” Fuentes continued. “America and the world have forgotten about them.” A thunderous applause followed.

Other notable attendees and speakers included: Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, the conservative anti-censorship social media platform; commentator Stew Peters of the “Stew Peters Show”; black commentator Jesse Lee Peterson of the “Jesse Lee Peterson” show; syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin; VDare founder Peter Brimelow and several others.

A sampling of just some of the remarks at AFPAC III conveys the uncompromising worldview of the speakers.

Rep. Greene remarked, “On the first day of Congress . . . the Democrats said there was no such thing as a male and a female, mother or father,” in stark contradiction to the Biblical creation account. “We cannot be a country that allows gender and truth to be destroyed.”

Regarding abortion, she reasoned that a nation that cannot even understand the simple science of two genders will never be able to stop what many concerned Americans believe is premeditated murder from being passed off as “women’s healthcare.”

Rep. Greene also recalled that, just over a year ago, gas prices were stable, there were no wars, inflation was tame, and the border was as secure as it has been in some time with the border wall being briskly built.

“The uni-party in Washington has sold us out,” she said, while noting that America’s energy independence is now being scuttled, given the Democrats’ obsession to get everyone to drive electric cars, creating a mega-dependency on China, which, she said, controls the battery market.

Noted political commentator Vincent James railed against Covid tyranny.  “They forced children to be injected with an experimental poison that doesn’t even work,” he said. He added, “You weren’t wrong, you lied—intentionally,” directing his remarks at the medical authorities, Big Media and others who, he said, eventually admitted to peddling faulty advice about social distancing, masking, natural immunity, and more. James also said it was all about a massive transfer of wealth on the way to a “Great Reset” openly pushed by globalists.

“State and local governments controlled you more [than the federal government], and most of the states are run by Republicans,” James stressed, citing what he sees as RINOs betraying their base over Covid..

“I am so sick of these sellout, compromised, globalist uni-party Republicans—get out!” exclaimed Peters, who skewered liberals but reserved most of his ire for the RINOs.

Not holding back, Peters railed on “America’s Doctor” Anthony Fauci who, Peters unflinchingly charged, unleased “a bio-weapon” on the country.

Torba, accentuating the Christian theme at AFPAC III, lambasted mainstream American Christians who “value material stuff over the fruits of the Holy Spirit,” adding, “We need to go ‘all in’ and live for Christ . . . raising up our children to be builders for the kingdom of God.”

All in all, the event was much more about positive nationalism, genuine Christianity, equal rights for whites and other themes that most modern-day conservative events downplay or avoid.