1 Comment on AFP Continues to Bring You the “Other Side” of the News

  1. I agree with this. I have always felt that EP was too “mainstream” to be truly independent. They are in someone’s pocket.
    I am a new subscriber after finding your publication many years after being a Spotlight reader. This periodical does seem to lean heavily towards and favor Trump, and I find that concerning. I believe he is a deep state plant as evidenced by; the fact he is a lifelong democrat, his weak 2A position, his leading the charge for the vaccine, his failure to drain the swamp, promotion of sodomites, failure lock up Hillary, locking down churches etc.
    I hope I am wrong in this as I am looking for media that is truly not beholden to anyone person or platform. Please be true to the mission of the Spotlight as I do not want to be disappointed.
    Thank you.

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