A Mystery: What Happened to Issue 25/26?

Missing paper

American Free Press Issue 25 & 26 was mailed out to our print subscribers on Friday June 12, from the Pennsylvania distribution center we always send from. However, on the way to your homes something mysterious happened … Many of our subscribers have reported not yet receiving their copy.

Thank God for Cops

This issue, with its front-page headline “Thank God for Cops,” was very politically incorrect, so we mailed it in an envelope, which we do not usually do. We are not sure if our truth-telling irritated someone at a major distribution center or if the post offices in multiple jurisdictions have been affected by the rioting and looting. The post office has no answer, and we have the paperwork showing the issue was dropped off at the Pennsylvania distribution center as usual.

AFP front page issue 25/26


So, to be sure you can read this issue (for those who are able) we have posted it free online as a PDF. (Just click on the image of the front page, to the left.) We are expecting that issue to show up at people’s doors eventually, but you need this information now.

Please drop us a line if you learn something that will help solve the mystery of the missing issue!

Of course, if you would like to subscribe to our digital version of the paper, American Free Press Online, you can read the missing issue, the newer Issue 27&28, and all AFP back issues whenever you’d like. Just click here to review our subscription options.