Hate Crime Hoaxes

July 15, 2019 Staff 1

A report by a political science professor at Kentucky State University reveals an epidemic of fake hate crimes perpetrated by “victims.” By John Friend In this era of fake news and manufactured crises, it should […]

China Rigs the Game

July 14, 2019 Staff 1

The Chinese government uses many methods to kill competition. By Rick Manning All of those who get worked up over negligible increases in U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made goods, please remember this basic fact: China rigs […]

Watchdog Keeps Hounding Trump

July 13, 2019 Staff 0

William Gheen and ALIPAC want the president to own up to his campaign promises. By Donald Jeffries While many conservative groups have ignored Donald Trump’s continuing flip-flops and broken promises on the issue of immigration, […]

Small Meat Processors May Get Break

July 13, 2019 Staff 0

May 2019 PRIME Act proposal would allow states to decide proper regulations for meat processing. By Mark Anderson Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), along with Maine’s Rep. Chellie Pingree (D) and Sen. Angus King Jr. (I), […]

Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways?

July 12, 2019 Staff 3

By Patrick J. Buchanan When Sir Kim Darroch’s secret cable to London was leaked to the Daily Mail, wherein he called the Trump administration “dysfunctional … unpredictable … faction-riven … diplomatically clumsy and inept,” the […]

Local Schools Forced to Submit?

July 11, 2019 Staff 2

Activists want radical gender-confused curriculum to be standardized for all public school children. By Mark Anderson Boosted by generous foundation funding and ultra-biased media propaganda, the homosexual movement—or LGBTQ as the acronym is known today—is […]

Leading UFO Expert Dies at 84

July 10, 2019 Staff 0

Stanton Friedman was a highly respected believer in extraterrestrial visitors. By S.T. Patrick Stanton Friedman, one of the foremost UFOlogists in the world, died in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on May 13. Friedman was a […]

Boys Will Be Girls?

July 9, 2019 Staff 4

The Democrats support gender identity madness. By Donald Jeffries In June, every Democrat in the House of Representatives, as well as eight Republicans, voted for the misnamed Equality Act, which requires schools to permit biological […]

Presidents Exceed Executive Powers

July 8, 2019 Staff 1

There’s a problem in the U.S. executive branch and the Oval Office that has for decades led to nearly unlimited freedom for the “unitary executive” to make whatever decisions are desired without congressional approval.  By […]

A Secret Meeting to Plot War?

July 6, 2019 Staff 3

Who is representing the American people in this secret conclave with pro-Israel groups? By Philip Giraldi On June 5, 16 heads of Jewish organizations joined 25 Democratic senators in a private meeting, which, according to […]

Trump’s Demise: Iran War

July 4, 2019 Staff 1

While President Trump appears reluctant to go to war with Iran, he’s appointed long-time warmongers to offices throughout his administration. Dr. Barrett warns Iran is nothing like Iraq or Afghanistan, neither of which went well. […]

Cabal Pushes for Iran War

July 4, 2019 Staff 1

President Trump has resisted intervention so far, but pressure continues to mount from war-crazed neocons hell-bent on all-out conflict with Iran. By Richard Walker After Iran recently shot down a U.S. naval drone, President Donald […]

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