Veteran-Peace Activist Says Dual Citizens Drive War Policy

March 16, 2016 AFP 5

By John Friend — SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Ken O’Keefe, an internationally renowned anti-war activist and outspoken critic of America’s disastrous neoconservative-driven foreign policy, gave two colorful and inspiring speeches recently in San Diego, the former United […]

Political Views at Heart of Firing

March 16, 2016 AFP 0

• Smearing of white activist, firing look to be related to politically incorrect ideas. By John Friend — Matthew Heimbach is once again making headlines and causing controversy. The young activist and chairman of the […]

Are Conspiracy Theorists Sick?

March 16, 2016 AFP 4

• If you have a healthy distrust of government, “spychiatrists” insist you may be crazy. By Victor Thorn — Are people that research conspiracy theories on the Internet mentally ill? How about gun owners, political […]

Water Woes Endanger Nation

March 13, 2016 AFP 2

• Since current one won’t, next president must stress water safety for U.S. By Victor Thorn — President Barack Hussein Obama recently submitted a $4.1 trillion budget to Congress, including $19 billion to protect Americans […]

The Zika Virus Scare

March 13, 2016 AFP 1

• What’s the truth about new disease spreading across Americas? By James Spounias — Horrific stories recently reverberated through the news cycle that Brazilian babies had been born with a condition called microcephaly, which results […]

Questions Arise About Scalia’s Death

March 10, 2016 AFP 2

• Skeptic says facts don’t add up in death of iconic Supreme Court justice. By Dave Gahary — The shocking and untimely death of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin […]

‘Pedophile Island’ Back in the News

March 4, 2016 AFP 4

• GOP frontrunner should explain any relationship to Bill Clinton’s pervert pal. By Ronald L. Ray — Jewish financier Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a really rich guy, estimated to be worth over a billion dollars. […]

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