De-Christianizing America

June 9, 2015 AFP 0

• Accelerating loss of founding faith mobilizing Christians. By Patrick J. Buchanan — “This is a Christian nation,” said the Supreme Court in 1892. “America was born a Christian nation,” echoed Woodrow Wilson. Harry Truman […]

Syria: Next U.S. War

June 9, 2015 AFP 0

• Attack on Assad may mean end of peace with Iran. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Jeb Bush has spent the month of May debating with himself over whether he would have started the war […]

Bilderberg Bared

June 9, 2015 AFP 1

• AFP on the scene in Austria to cover annual globalist confab. By Mark Anderson — Bilderberg’s 63rd confab in 61 years has begun in Telfs, Austria, at the picturesque Interalpen Hotel near Innsbruck. One […]

Help Derail Fast Track Trade Authority

June 2, 2015 AFP 0

By Mark Anderson — The real fight over granting United States President Barack Hussein Obama broad trade-promotion authority is in the House of Representatives. So don’t delay in giving your House member input by calling […]

Globalists Form Battle Lines

June 2, 2015 AFP 2

• Sustainable development summit to set agenda for world control. By Ronald L. Ray — Maybe you thought you’d seen the summit of globalist gumption in the United Nations (UN) Agenda 21—the plan to herd […]

JADE HELM 15: Massive Military Exercise

June 1, 2015 AFP 10

By Dave Gahary — One has to be on guard when the mainstream media portrays everyone with an alternative view on just about anything as a “conspiracy theorist,” derisively of course. Take JADE HELM 15 […]

Pope Supports Palestinians

June 1, 2015 AFP 3

By Richard Walker — Pope Francis’s decision to sign a treaty recognizing the state of Palestine infuriated Israel and its backers in Congress and effectively added fuel to the global campaign to punish Israeli companies […]

Fight the Vaccine Madness

June 1, 2015 AFP 10

• Time to fight back against mandatory requirements for vaccinations. By James Spounias — There is an agenda afoot to ensure that every child who attends public school receive vaccinations as a requirement for admission. […]

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