Cops Our Last Line of Defense

January 12, 2015 AFP 2

• Here’s the real story of the groups urging blacks to take revenge on America’s policemen. By Victor Thorn — On the afternoon of December 20, 2014, New York City police officers Rafael Ramos and […]

Congress Won’t Act to Rein in Rogue CIA

January 12, 2015 AFP 0

• Sources reveal CIA higher-ups, rogue agents will not be prosecuted for torture, assassinations, domestic spying. As the 113th Congress drew to a close, it became evident that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials would not […]

U.S., Saudis Play Dangerous Game With Oil

January 12, 2015 AFP 2

By Richard Walker — The elites in the mainstream media are celebrating reports that President Barack Hussein Obama has been exploiting America’s major role as an oil producer to get into bed with the Saudis […]

Germans Protest Islamization

January 12, 2015 AFP 1

By Pete Papaherkles — German nationalists are taking to the streets to protest what they call the “Islamization of the Western World” and the increasing street violence recently seen in German cities by competing Islamic […]

Massive Gold Heists in Ukraine

January 12, 2015 AFP 5

By Richard Walker — Who controls Ukraine’s gold reserves, worth about $1.5 billion, remains one of the great mysteries of 2014. And if that is not bad enough for Ukrainians, evidence has emerged that the […]

Psychiatric Drugs Deadly Time Bombs

January 6, 2015 AFP 1

• Prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs handed out like candy. By Peter R. Breggin, MD — Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you have ever imagined. If you haven’t been prescribed one yet, you are among […]

Mind Control & Mass Shootings

January 5, 2015 AFP 18

• Mind manipulation alleged in Florida shootings. By Bill White — When Myron May entered the library at Florida State University (FSU) on November 20 and began shooting, he may have been the latest victim […]

Muzzling Critics of Israel

January 5, 2015 AFP 8

By Tarrah Baptista — Just before the tragic death of Jim Traficant in the fall of 2014, the House unanimously passed dangerous legislation that  seeks to stifle free speech and thought. Sold as only targeting […]

‘Putinism’ Is Nationalism

January 5, 2015 AFP 3

• China, Japan, Korea, India, Hungary, Turkey & more looking to shake off shackles of New World Order. By Patrick J. Buchanan — “Abe tightens grip on power as Japanese shun election.” So ran the […]

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