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Israel’s Dirty Nuclear Secrets


• How Netanyahu became a nuclear terrorist and Russia became Iran’s ally. By Ronald L. Ray — In the sociopathic mind of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, any Middle Eastern country seeking to defend itself from Israel’s repeated aggressions in the region, or merely desiring peaceful nuclear power,

Sandy Hook: Still Looking for Answers


By Victor Thorn — When serious investigative journalists confront a particular case, it’s imperative that they rely on critical thinking and logic rather than emotionalism and blind acceptance. With this extremely simple premise in mind, when government officials and the mainstream media issue pronouncements, all responsibility lies with

‘Hated’ SPLC Attacks AFP, Again


One of the crude and ghastly Jewish mouthpieces of the increasingly irrelevant and vilified Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has reared its nasty head to attack a syndicated columnist  whose articles appear in this newspaper, which is listed on the SPLC’s “Hate Map,” under the “General Hate” category.

Black Cops Killed Black Baltimore Criminal


The races of the six Baltimore police officers have been released . . . confirming what many knowledgeable observers have been speculating since the charges against the cops were unveiled. If all the cops responsible for the death of career criminal Freddie Gray, who had a rap sheet

Pentagon Using Bribery to Control Film Scripts


By Ronald L. Ray — If there ever was any doubt whether the police state is here to stay, it was erased in early April by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Owen Brennan, speaking at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics, when he

AUDIO: Obvious Racial Differences Explored


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Do our senses deceive us when it comes to race? Is the mainstream media correct when they say there are no differences between the races, that race is a social construct? The book, RACIOLOGY: The Science of the Hereditary Traits of Peoples, by Vladimir Avdeyev, which

Will Washington Kill Us All?


•U.S. foreign policy has to fundamentally and totally change. By Paul Craig Roberts — Did you know that Washington keeps 450 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) on “hair-trigger alert”? Washington thinks that this makes us “safe.” The reasoning, if it can be called reason, is that by being

California Inviting Even More Illegal Aliens to Cross Border


• 10-bill package introduced to increase handouts for illegal aliens living in bankrupt, drought-stricken state. By John Friend — Earlier in April, California state Democratic leaders introduced a series of legislative bills designed to grant protection and provide benefits for the estimated 2.5 million illegal immigrants residing in

How We’re Losing the Culture War


By Patrick J. Buchanan — The Republican rout in the Battle of Indianapolis provides us with a snapshot of the correlation of forces in the culture wars. Faced with a corporate-secularist firestorm, Governor Mike Pence said Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act would not protect Christian bakers or florists

Citizens March Against Monsanto


• Americans plan huge march against Monsanto even as Congress kowtows to hated corporate leviathan. By James Spounias — Republican Congressman from Kansas Mike Pompeo is at it again. Pompeo and G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), along with nine Republicans and eight Democrats, reintroduced the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

How the West Is Killing Christianity


•Western leaders abandon Christians to die in Africa, Mideast. By Richard Walker — Foreign wars and conflicts launched and promoted by the United States and its allies since 2003 have led directly to the widespread persecution of Christians in Africa and the Middle East. The ongoing slaughter of

AUDIO: The Real Hillary Clinton


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW How much do you know about the woman who will most likely be the next American president? If you haven’t read Victor Thorn’s “Hillary Trilogy,” odds are you don’t know much. Dave Gahary had the opportunity to sit down with Victor, the prolific conspiracy researcher

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wind Lobby Gets Whipped by Workadays


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW A dedicated group of citizen volunteers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland have taken on an arm of the powerful wind lobby and sent them packing back to the Lone Star state. The group formed for that purpose, Safe for Somerset, comprised of average citizens,

Historical Book on Israel Censored in U.S.


• AHA refuses to run ad for tome on “special relationship” between United States, Israel. By Ronald L. Ray — Most people think of historians as quiet bookworms, squirreled away in corners of ancient libraries. Few recognize the more radical side of their profession, however, which for several

Religious Freedom Chained: The Homosexual Lobby’s Aggressive Agenda


• Plutocrats, perverts pursue overthrow of constitutional protections. By Ronald L. Ray — Indiana is the latest battleground in the culture wars against traditional morality and fundamental American freedoms. The assault is being waged by proponents of special rights for homosexual perversion against Christians trying to protect the