Gen. James Mattis: a Liberal Trojan Horse in the Trump Administration?

Gen. James Mattis is an odd pick for President-elect Donald Trump’s new secretary of defense. In stark contrast to Trump’s campaign promises to put America first, Mattis has a long history of promoting globalism and perpetual war. Could Mattis be the globalists’ Trojan horse, who will ensure the internationalists’ gravy train doesn’t end?

By Matthew Raphael Johnson

With President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Gen. James Mattis to be his secretary of defense, Trump has brought a very different vision into the executive branch.

Mattis is part of the neoconservative movement and does not, generally speaking, hold to the “America first” mindset of the president-elect. In his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in 2014, he said on the “ISIS threat” that, “The geography of the globalized world does not permit us to look away as if this is not our problem.” This is an unambiguous statement in favor of constant war, and a globalized world policed by the U.S.

The most problematic aspect of Mattis is that he is on the board of directors for the Center for a New American Security. Boeing, a major defense industry player, the Japanese government, and the ultra-liberal Carnegie Corporation are the group’s largest donors as of last year. Soros’s Open Society Foundations, along with James Murdoch, Lockheed, Bank of America, and Goldman are among the extensive list of other donors. The group has recently called for the overthrow of the popular Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

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Earlier this year, the center published a paper by Alexander Velez-Green, titled “The United States and Russia Are Already at War,” stating the following:

Russia’s unconscionable weaponization of the Syrian refugee crisis represents this paradigm in action. For instance, Moscow’s initiative may yet undermine the Hungarian liberal establishment and push the country toward a more permanently xenophobic political footing. If that happens, it will be like one of the 28 screws holding NATO together unwinding just enough to weaken neighboring screws. The ongoing uptick in nationalism in Europe—aided by Russia-backed far-right European political parties—suggests that this is not an idle fear. Left untended, this unwinding could shatter the alliance’s unified front.

As a member of the board of directors, Mattis approved this article and its contents. The liberal ideology of the center is clear. This ideology is essential to the center: It’s called “the liberal order” by its main writers.

This is the general’s political agenda. This liberal agenda, one to be imposed and maintained by force, is evident in Mattis’s own words as well.

The board of directors is a populist’s nightmare.

Denis Bovin, an elite banker and a high-ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), also sits on the board. Lewis Kaden is a member of both the Trilateral Commission and the CFR, while board member William Kennard is part of the Carlyle Group. David Schwimmer is the co-chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs’s “Business in Russia/CIS” division and head of Investment Banking for Russia and Eastern Europe. The CEO of the center is Michele Flournoy, the under-secretary of defense for Obama and a member of the CFR. This group comprises the same elites that sought to destroy Trump.

In 2013, Mattis told USA Today, “Those who want to say girls don’t go to school, sure I’m all for killing them, or stopping them, and if that means killing them, you do it.”

Apart from the fact that no Islamic faction holds to this doctrine, this quotation strongly implies that American violence abroad has an ideological component: Islamic or traditionalist ethics is not only wrong, but is sufficient cause for mass slaughter.

In a similar vein, he said, “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”

Mattis was the Marine commander during the battle of Fallujah in Iraq. Speaking about such experiences, he told a panel discussion in California in 2005: “Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. . . . It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right upfront with you, I like brawling.” This sort of talk is rare for real combat veterans. The general is certainly combat experienced, but this sort of rhetoric seems more aimed at painting an image than speaking the truth.

In terms of policy, his neoconservative background comes out in his views on Iran.

In a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, he said: “Every morning I woke up and the first three questions I had, had to do with Iran, and Iran, and Iran. It remains the single most belligerent actor in the Middle East.”

He added in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in 2014:

Having dealt with this enemy since 1979 . . . we are up against an enemy that means what they say and we should not patronize them. When they say “girls don’t go to school” you’re not going to talk them out of it . . . their views of the role of women, their views of modernity, their views of tolerance for people who think differently are fundamentally different than ours.

This suggests that being against modernism is cause for war with the United States.


In that same speech to the committee, Mattis also stated that Assad was engaged in a “genocidal” war against the Sunnis in Syria. This, he implied, was the reason ISIS became the main fighting force in the area. He offered no evidence.

Thomas E. Ricks, in his book Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2003 to 2005, wrote that Mattis said to local tribal leaders in Iraq: “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.” If this is true, then Mattis is not merely playing a role, but might well be unbalanced.

The media has engaged in a bloodthirsty assault on Trump since he announced his candidacy. Suddenly, this was suspended. Very little public criticism is available against Mattis. There is a reason for this.

Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D. lives in Pennsylvania. His latest books Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin and The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy are available from TBR Book Club.

7 Comments on Gen. James Mattis: a Liberal Trojan Horse in the Trump Administration?

  1. Nothing is going to change, he is just another globalist.The N.W.O.train has left the station long ago.Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, only He can stop this synagogue of satan.

  2. When your goal is to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and you support Jewish Squatters occupying Palestinian land in the Occupied Territories, and you appoint a radical Zionist, Freidman, to be your new Ambassador to Israel, and you want to make your Democrat Jew son-in-law a Special Envoy to the Middle East; you will play hell in bringing about a peaceful resolution in Palestine.

    Early on, Trump stated that he wanted to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. His statements, and his appointments prove otherwise.

    For eight years, oBOMBa has given Israel billions of dollars of our tax money.

    For eight years oBOMBa has vetoed every resolution condemning Israel in the UN.

    For eight years, oBOMBa has resupplied Israel with arms and munitions that it used up in each murderous excursion into Gaza.

    oBOMBa did what no other President has done for Israel. oBOMBa released the treasonous Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, who was responsible for the deaths of Russians cooperating with the CIA.

    Yet, the media has falsely claimed that oBOMBa was not a friend to Israel. oBOMBa has been Israel’s greatest friend.

    Soon, Donald Trump will take control of the US Government. I was an early, half-hearted supporter of Trump because I wanted to read into his statements that he would, at least, be even handed in our relations with Israel and Palestine.

    I attempted to ignore all of his Jewish ties, until he kept foisting his Democrat Jew daughter, the ugly skank, Ivanka, and her Democrat Jew husband, Jared, upon us. Trump put them into campaign and transition team positions, that they had no experience, or, talent for being.

    Now, Trump insists that they have high level security clearances and is bringing them to the White House.

    Looking at the cabinet picks, thus far, is very disheartening.

    Elaine Chao-a Globalist, who’s prior job before George HW Bush brought her into government, was that of a Lobbyist ? Activist in Hong Kong, who’s job was to convince US factories to move to Communist China.

    Betsy Devos- a very rich Jew GOP donor, with no credible experience in organizing anything, other than a bar mitzvah, to be the Education Secretary. Usually, you give a rich donor an Ambassadorship to Lichtenstein, or, Belize, where it is nearly impossible to mess it up, as a reward for their contributions, not a Cabinet post.

    Pompeo- a radical Fascist. War Wh0re.

    Flynn- Gun Control activist

    Mattis- Nutty ass Marine. Having been a Marine, I am qualified to judge.

    Betrayus- Gun Control activist. Sure, sure, with Flynn and Betrayus in the administration, our 2nd Amendment rights are safe… uh huh.

    Mnunchin- a Goldman Sachs boy. Our money is safe in the hands of a Goldman Sachs Jew.

    and, there are the others.

    How would a government formed by Jeb Bush, or, Marco Rubio, or, Lindsey Graham been any different that that of Trump and his Democrat Jew Son in Law and Jew Democrat Daughter?

    All together, instead of an AMERICA FIRST policy, I see the ingredients for a Jeworacy… a Neocon inspired Globalist government.

    Nothing to celebrate.

  3. Unlike my sister, who is a loyal Trump Supporter, I have been a very reluctant supporter of Donald Trump from almost the beginning.

    The reason was the collection of overt neocons, Globalists, War Wh0res, and Zionists who competed against Trump during the primaries and, of course, Clinton.

    There were troubling signs, that I tried to explain to my family and friends who supported Trump.

    If your daughter renounces Jesus Christ and becomes a Jew, that is her business. However, when she is given such prominence in the campaign, and she, and her Jew husband, along with the two Trump sons, oust Corey Lewandoski, as campaign manager, and then the Jew husband takes on the role of de facto Campaign Manager, then, it becomes my business.

    I have never liked Ivanka Trump. Never. My sister and her boyfriend adore her. I just do not like the feeling I get when she is on screen, or, speaking.

    Neither do I like Ivanka’s Democrat Jew husband, Jared. I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for Trump with the growing influence of Jared and Ivanka on Trump and hos role in the Transition Team.

    In most instances of Trump’s pick; Nikki Haley, and Elaine Chao, come to mind, they scream “NEOCON”… “I’m a Globalist and proud of it.”

    My attraction to Trump was in his rhetoric. The 35% tariff on goods being brought into the country from companies who fled to overseas manufacturing facilities, to take advantage of the .33 cent an hour labor.

    The ANCHOR BABY and Build a Wall themes were just what I wanted to hear.

    But, when he said that he had done a political commercial for Bennie Nutnonyahoo in Israel, but thought that he, Trump, would be able to bring the Palestinians and Israeli Likuds together and get a peace agreement, I knew he was out of his mind. He then

    I have absolutely no respect for Carl Ichan, whom Trump kept mentioning as one of the best businessmen who would help him get great trade deals. Ichan, the Junk Bond King, bought TWA airlines and OZARK with Junk Bonds and destroyed them. They are no more.

    At his so called benefit for Veterans, almost all of his friends whom he introduced, were Jews. I don’t know if they are Zionists, but it is very likely that they are.

    He said things that made me very uncomfortable, such as saying that in the Iran Deal, that we were “Giving” Iran $150 Billion dollars. Trump then said that he’d tell Iran that we couldn’t afford to pay Iran… It was so idiotic because it was Iran’s money, stolen by the US, when the US imposed sanctions on Iran.

    Then, there was that story Trump told about dancing Muslims in NYC after 9/11, when it was actually Dancing Jews… Mossad agents, who quickly returned to Israel.

    The more that Jared, his Democrat Jew son-in-law took more and more control, and the more that Ivanka inserted herself into the campaign, and afterwards, the more I became concerned about a Trump presidency.

    The alternatives were more bleak.

    I have been a vocal critic of Trump’s picks for his administration.

    Elaine Chao, at Transportation. Her job, before George HW Bush picked her for his Cabinet, was as a lobbyist / activist in Hong Kong, soliciting US factories to move to Communist China.

    Trump’s instance and connivance to get his Democrat Jew son-in-law, Jared Kuchner a security clearance and clearances for the rest of his clan, including Ivanka, was another red flag.

    The selection of so many War Wh0re Generals is a severe problem. While Trump insists that he wants to stop having the US be the “policeman to the world”, a position that the US has no right to hold; his picks for Defense and intelligence positions in his administration, say otherwise. It appears to be non-stop wars for profit and submission.

    Another Goldaman Sachs toady for Treasury Secretary? Is their not a non-Zionist banker who could do the job?

    I wish that I could be more upbeat. Trump said the things that many of us wanted to hear.

    There were no better choices from the Republican side, and the Democrats are worse, yet.

    When you have people in Detroit, Chicago, Austin, and New York City, who are openly Communist, there is not much hope for “uniting” the country.

    Now in the selection process for his administration, it seems that we have Neocons, Globalists, and Zionists on steroids.

    If the Fairleigh Dickinson University “revolution” survey of April, 2013 was an indicator, then, no one should have been surprised at the outcome of this election.

    I feel that the citizens were willing to take one last chance on a change in the direction of this country. One last chance to divert from the Globalism of George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and oBOMBa. I feel that with the election of Trump, that they would put their survey declared desire for a armed revolution, on hold, to give Trump a chance.

    If they have been fooled. If Trump has no intention to deliver on his promises; and we see the same o, same o… I really fear for the nation.

    The people are angry.

  4. American Free Press should be reporting that Trump (Drumpf) himself is the Trojan Horse. Shame on you, American Free Press.

  5. Wesley Clarke years ago saw the list of countries to go down
    on the chopping block.. Iran was on that that list with I
    believe at least 6 others.. Interesting how we can see the
    future in others speech… False flag approaching…

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