Vote Hacking: Is Russia Being Set Up?

The mainstream media has been spreading the deception that Vladimir Putin ordered the hack of U.S. voter databases. The truth is, it could have been any hackers from anywhere around the world, including even ones hired by U.S. interests intent on sabotaging the upcoming election as well as smearing Russia, Donald Trump’s campaign.

By Ronald L. Ray

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Cyber Division, issued an “FBI Flash” on Aug. 18 in which it declared that the computer systems of two states’ boards of election were infiltrated during July and August by “an unknown actor.” The alert was not for public or media dissemination but nevertheless was conveniently leaked to Yahoo News, causing a media frenzy.

Immediately, The Washington Post and other mainstream media presstitutes blamed Russia, as happened previously with the hack of Democratic National Committee (DNC) computers. But is either claim true? And what is the real goal of the latest story, which turned out to be a “tempest in a teapot”?

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This latest Russian scare story contains a number of significant inconsistencies. On the FBI side, it was alleged that in “late June 2016 an unknown actor scanned a state’s board of election website for vulnerabilities,” while the “majority of the data exfiltration occurred in mid-July.” The FBI further stated there was a “July 2016 compromise of a state’s board of election website. Additionally, in August 2016 attempted intrusion activities into another state’s board of election system” were uncovered.

Seven Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from two countries were employed in the first situation, while a single IP address was used against the second state. Nevertheless, the FBI seemingly alleged only a single perpetrator.

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Ellen Nakashima, writing in The Washington Post on Aug. 29 and relying on state spokesmen, presented significantly different “facts,” however. In that story, “the FBI alerted Arizona officials in June that Russians were behind the assault on the election system in that state.” Yet apparently nothing was done, because the FBI’s alert had stated the “majority of the data exfiltration” happened the following month. But, claimed the Post, “It turned out that the hackers had not compromised the state system or even any county system. They had stolen the username and password of a single election official in Gila County.”

Moreover, state spokesman Matt Roberts “said FBI investigators did not specify whether the hackers were criminals or employed by the Russian government.” So the Post blatantly lied about Russian responsibility in its opening paragraph. And, despite the FBI’s declining to name any perpetrator, the Post continued to blame Russia in the rest of the article.

The Post continued: “Illinois officials discovered an intrusion into their election system in July. Although the hackers did not alter any data, the intrusion marks the first successful compromise of a state voter registration database, federal officials said.” Fewer than 200,000 voter records were stolen from Illinois’s voter registration portal, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The state informed the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also became involved. But the FBI alleged the intrusion occurred in August, not July. It supposedly “told Illinois officials that it is looking at foreign government agencies and criminal hackers as potential culprits,” according to the Post.

Numerous media outlets have parroted The Washington Post’s “blame Russia first” campaign, despite a lack of any evidence whatsoever. What is going on here? Cui bono? Who benefits from this nonsense?

In fact, the FBI stated that it is nearly impossible to determine the actual country of residence of the culprits. According to a computer expert with whom AFP spoke, this is because it is easy to hide behind various networks, routers, and servers to make oneself untraceable. Additionally, the IP addresses listed by the FBI as ostensible points of origin for the computer hacks are in the Netherlands and Fremont, Calif.


Based on the IP information, AFP’s source stated that anyone who would claim that Russia is to blame is either “lazy, stupid, or incompetent.”

We would add “malicious” to the list. Coincidentally, Fremont claims the largest population of Afghans in America, along with a large number of Asian Indians working in Silicon Valley. Amsterdam has been a center of operation for the Jewish mafia. But the DNC or the Hillary Clinton campaign also could easily have accomplished the job, so there is no lack of suspects. It is just that the “Russia” narrative suits the propaganda purposes of the Clintonistas and their drive for more war.

As a commentator for RT (formerly “Russia Today”) pointed out, if the Russian government did infiltrate the DNC computers—which is highly unlikely—they would have had no reason to hack into Arizona’s and Illinois’s voter information, as the DNC already has records on millions of voters.

It appears to us that the board of election hacks were most likely petty criminality turned into dishonest presstitute propaganda on behalf of Queen Clinton and the Zionist warmongers who want world war with Russia, before Donald Trump has an opportunity to make friends with the great Slavic nation.

Cui bono? The story also serves the purposes of “homeland security” thugs. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently announced the possibility of declaring the U.S. election system “critical national infrastructure,” which could lead to total federal control of the voting process and an end to even the remaining appearance of elected representation.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of The Barnes Review. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence. Contact Ron by email at [email protected].

2 Comments on Vote Hacking: Is Russia Being Set Up?

  1. The Russian government doesn’t really have much to gain between US candidates. Clinton is not going to outright embargo private trade where all the real economics are.

    Legitimate federal probe into issues with voting fraud?

    Democrat party testing their “fix the vote” options for Election Day.

    Or precursor to Clinton executive orders which name NRA and later Republican party as domestic terror groups based on expected resistance to executive orders enacting absolute gun control and Political Correctness Police.

    Could be. But most likely just someone pointing finger at shoddy security that allows even the worst script kiddies to skew elections as a prank.

    Russian IPs? LOL – lots of open relays in Russia for those who want to hide their origins. Lots of cheap hackers for hire/dare too.

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