1 Comment on The Puzzling Hamas Attack on Israel

  1. Interesting speculations on the motive to slaughter innocent civilians. I might speculate that the true motivation for this would be the impending “RESET” of the global momentary system that the WEF (World Economic Forum) seeks to establish prior to the 2024 elections in America. The global conflicts enable the propaganda outlets to divert the public’s attention with non-stop sensationalization of the need for us to fund their lawlessness and carnage. The total enslavement of the global population is the goal in which digital currency or means of exchanging ones labor for that of another, and control of every aspect of culture is implemented without question or discussion.
    I believe it is past time to stand firm in the American dream and quit funding and allowing this lunacy to continue, which only seeks to divert our attention away from their global ambitions.

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