The AFP Report – John Massaro on Vaccine Dangers

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined by John Massaro, author of the must-read book Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?, a nearly 300-page masterpiece chock full of highly suppressed information and shocking images. John and I discuss his background, how he became interested in the controversial topic of vaccines and what prompted him to write the book. Are vaccines really “safe and effective,” as Americans are repeatedly told by public health officials, doctors and the mass media? We also address the history of vaccines, the critical role that public health and sanitation measures played in reducing disease (rather than vaccines), how vaccines are manufactured and the concept of “hot lots,” before concluding with an assessment of the purported Covid-19 “pandemic.”

You can read a recent article published in American Free Press highlighting John’s book here and purchase a copy from the AFP Bookstore! Also be sure to check out John’s excellent website

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