The AFP Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett on Soros & anti-Semitism

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin Barrett, a leading voice in the alternative media and a regular columnist for American Free PressDr. Barrett and I discuss some of the recently published articles in the latest edition of American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper.

We begin by commenting on the front-page story which deals with the Soros’ family use of the weaponized concept of “anti-Semitism” to prevent any critical, open discussion of their subversive activities. We move on to address the Biden administration’s recently released National Strategy to Counter Anti-Semitism, the first ever “whole-of-society” and “whole-of-government” effort to fight “anti-Semitism” in all its forms throughout society. Described as the “most ambitious and comprehensive U.S.-government-led effort to fight anti-Semitism in American history,” the strategy was developed with some of the largest Jewish organizations operating in the country. We conclude the conversation with a discussion of Dr. Barrett’s latest article for the paper which deals with two populist statemen vying for political office: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the U.S. and Imran Khan in Pakistan.

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