The AFP Report – Don Jeffries on Weaponization of FBI, Alex Jones Trial

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined by Don Jeffries, an independent historian, author, radio host, and a regular contributor to American Free Press. Don and I discuss some of his recently published articles dealing with the weaponization of the FBI and the perversion of the rule of law and justice in America, the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the very bizarre Alex Jones trial, and much more!

We also discuss the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man with a lengthy criminal background and history of mental illness whose February 2020 death fueled the Black Lives Matter hysteria in the spring and summer of 2020. We highlight the politically motivated and truly unjust prosecution of Greg and Travis McMichael for the death of Arbery. The father-son duo were charged and convicted on state murder charges as well as federal hate crimes charges in one of the most outrageous examples of the politicization of justice in recent memory. Readers and listeners are encouraged to visit the McMichael family’s website and to consider donating to their legal fund.

To conclude the podcast, Don and I address the reality that Americans are the most drugged people on the planet, with large numbers and segments of the populace regularly consuming Big Pharma products, and the recent UN campaign targeting “conspiracy theories”.

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