Facial Recognition Coming to a Hardware Store Near You?

November 15, 2019 Staff 0

Hardware stores, airlines, government agencies are all using “facial recognition” technology to collect and store our biometric data–illegally. By Dave Gahary In the 2002 film “Minority Report,” Tom Cruise plays a police detective in Washington, […]

Smeared Teenager Loses in Court

August 19, 2019 Staff 5

Young Nicholas Sandmann, the Catholic student from Kentucky who became the target of a nationwide smear campaign thanks to the fake-news-media, has now been the victim of ajudge’s politically motivated decision. He will appeal. By […]

No Justice

October 6, 2017 admin 2

A district judge appointed by Obama has ruled a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy permanently injured during a Black Lives Matter melee can’t sue the organization or its leaders because the radical group is a “social movement” and its […]

Monsanto Caught Red-Handed

August 15, 2017 Staff 1

Despite the mega-corporation’s desperate attempts to keep company secrets secret, internal emails written by top Monsanto executives that were gathered during the discovery phase of a lawsuit now underway have been unsealed. What did this treasure […]