Lab Origin for Virus Back on the Table

February 24, 2021 AFP Editor 0

Fox host says Fauci played role in funding “gain of function” research killed by Obama. By Donald Jeffries Candidate Joe Biden, along with all other Democrats, chastised President Donald Trump on a regular basis for […]

Not Wearing Your Corona Mask?

November 4, 2020 AFP Editor 0

Watch Out for the Virus Police. By Dr. Kevin Barrett Much of the world is experiencing an episode of mass hysteria—or what some have called “mask hysteria.” Here in the United States, countless fights have […]

Trump, Fauci & the Virus

September 25, 2020 AFP Editor 2

By Donald Jeffries Not surprisingly, the left has been nonstop parroting the mantra that Donald Trump failed miserably in addressing the Covid-19 crisis. Even The Washington Post recognized this early on, with a March 27 […]