How Bilderberg Stole Britain’s Sovereignty

January 12, 2021 Staff 0

WikiLeaks releases trove of damning Bilderberg documents from early meetings. By Mark Anderson Starting in the 1950s, when the super-secretive Bilderberg group was assembled in the Netherlands, and well into the 1960s, industrialist Lord Henry […]

Britain Considering a ‘Maximum Wage’

November 30, 2020 Staff 0

By S.T. Patrick The minimum wage was enacted so that businesses could not collude in order to keep their workers under a living wage and fully dependent upon the employer. In the early 20th century, […]

Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways?

July 12, 2019 Staff 3

By Patrick J. Buchanan When Sir Kim Darroch’s secret cable to London was leaked to the Daily Mail, wherein he called the Trump administration “dysfunctional … unpredictable … faction-riven … diplomatically clumsy and inept,” the […]