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  1. RFK Jr. cannot denounce Israel! Otherwise he is done….He knows the real powerhouse in DC= District of Crimminals….

  2. I support many viws of RFK Jr., and I lived trough his uncle, JFK assassination,on 11/22/1963, and his father,RFK Sr.,as Attorney General and candidate on the office of US president, assassinated on 05/06/1968, and died a day later,on 06/06/1968…They were both murdered by the zionist cabal,just taking over the United States!!! Masonry was at the establishment of the united States present as a country,not corporation,as it is today,as United States of America…And the masons had an ancient astronomical agenda: every 20 years elected US president, from 1840 to 1960 had died in the Office, 4 of them were assassinated,3 earlier,and 1,JFK Sr., later, reminding me the 3 synoptic Gospels+ 1 with human face to temember forever…7 presidents in all, with 2 survivors of assassination, in 1980 elected R.W.Reagan (then I migrated to the US), and in 2000 installed by the US courts G.W.Bush to cover up 9/11 zionist false flag ASTRONOMICAL importance and calendar ” attacks”…Number 7 +2 as 7 & 9, as seen on the Codex Mendoza constellations aligned at the beginning and end of our 5th Age of Sum…When I look at the date of JFK murder,the su,mary is 7, and that of RFK is 9…Not an accident…Both were Irish ” catholics”…In 2020 was by US courts going silent,installed senile,Sleepy Joe Biden, also an Irish ” catholic” to something helping to cover, perhaps the Palestinian ‘ holocaust’…And pedophile Joe Biden, perhaps will be ” sacrified” by the zionist masters in 2024, with his fate of murder making summary 8= the missing number! The Bible tells to you more on 7 as the days of Harvest of Souls, with the Great 8th day offered for the salvation last time…And number 9,the Ennead explained in the O.T. as 22nd,23rd and 24th day of Tishri month… The zionists knows them as Hoshana Rabbah(7th day)+Shemini Atzeret(8th day)+ Tikkum Olam( 9th day)!!! Thse numbers were used on 9/11 attacks, and also in the Skull & Bones now demolished by zionists Georgia Guidestones!!! By these heinous crimes the zionists reached Mt.Zion, and will follow deep fall into the Hell of modern, physical IsRaEl( newborn sun age) by Fire into a total destruction, and only spiritual Israel will remain forever!!! But that’ ” prophecy” of 48 and 84, Israel set up by UN Lodge in 1948 and destroyed in 2032 as 84 years old physical colony of IsRaEl…Number 4= death and number 8= life…Every bible has total of 84 books with the Apocryphas and Deuterocanonical books! So the Book of Apo+kali+pse,or Cat+astro+phe will destroy modern colony of IsRaEl in Palestine!!! And this is the reason,why before the disrespected UN has at its Headquarter in Lower Manhattan the BEADT from Mexico, the Jaguar crossbreed with Eagle!!! The Jaguar Sun with the Eagle of heavens…

  3. I was willing to endorse Kennedy until he stated that there is no one more supportive of Israel than he is. The world is witnessing the horrible killing of innocent Palestinians, that now exceeds 10,000 in the last month. Israel has continued suppressing the Palestinians for over 75 years after having driving over 700,000 from their land in 1948. Israel has become the number one terrorist state in the world. Truly criminals that support crimes against humanity and supporting apartheid. Kennedy should be ashamed of supporting these crimes.

  4. Politically I am, what can only be described as, a Constitutional Libertarian Nationalist and a two-time Trump voter. While I appreciate this article I feel that it must be said that, no, RFK Jr. is not the “perfect candidate. Such a thing does not exist. But I will be supporting him this time around. Why? because there is enough about his positions on the significant issues I’m concerned with to warrant my support. Far more important than that is that in my research and in actually meeting with him I have found his level of personal integrity, his willingness to listen to all sides, and, frankly, his humility to be not only inspiring and the best remedy for the many ailments this nation faces today.
    Being for Israel’s right to defend itself does not mean JFK Jr. supports the dehumanization of the Palestinians. I disagree with his opposition to the Harvard Affirmative Action decision however I am willing to bet that his position is a bit more nuanced than presented here. In short, my disposition towards the current election season is one of ‘I’d rather settle for 60-65% of what I want and have a more cohesive nation than try to get 100& of what I want (actually get less than 20-25% of that) and continue to foster further division and destabilization of this nation.

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