Pro-White Dissident Targeted

By John Friend

A Brookings, S.D. man was unceremoniously fired from his job at Bel Brands, one of the world’s top branded cheese companies, as a direct result of harassment and doxxing campaigns carried out by far-left Antifa groups, which were then boosted and amplified by certain Antifa-friendly mass media outlets.

Now, Riggin Scheer, a 29-year-old activist and podcast host, is speaking out to provide his side of the story in the sordid affair, one that has victimized countless Americans in recent years.

Scheer, who uses the pseudonym “Gordon Kahl” while maintaining a popular podcast and commentary website called, spoke with this reporter in an exclusive interview following his dismissal. Gordon Kahl, longtime readers will likely recall, was a political dissident involved with the Posse Comitatus movement who was murdered by law enforcement agents in 1983.

In late January, an Antifa-affiliated blog known for doxxing and harassing its political opponents published a lengthy hit piece on Scheer, exposing his identity and physical location. The following day, left-wing news and commentary website “Vice News” published yet another hit piece on Scheer, denouncing him as a “neo-Nazi podcaster” while describing him as a “white supremacist.” The reporter for “Vice News” contacted the podcast platforms that hosted Scheer’s programs in an attempt to get him banned.

Shortly after the malicious articles were published, Scheer was terminated by Bel Brands, a common pattern for those holding pro-white political and racial views—a controversial yet entirely legitimate and healthy perspective to hold.

“On my website, I speak up for the white people of the upper Midwest. We call ourselves Amerikaners, in reference to our Germanic and Scandinavian heritage,” Scheer told this reporter. “The anti-white press has slandered us with terms that appear to have no meaning. If they do have a meaning, it is to vilify white Americans who object to being made an oppressed minority in their own country.”

Scheer characterized terms such as “racist,” “neo-Nazi,” and “white supremacist” as “anti-white slurs,” and provided more background on the doxxing campaign carried out by Antifa activists.

“‘Anonymous Comrade Collective,’ an Antifa [web] rag, published my personal information, which was immediately amplified by David Gilbert of ‘Vice News,’ in a disgusting display of open collaboration with a known domestic terrorist organization,” Scheer explained. “In addition to targeting my job, Antifa activists harassed my family, threatened violence against me and my loved ones, and attempted to smear me as a violent and dangerous threat to my community.”

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The mass media and far-left activists are motivated by “making sure that white people don’t have a sense of unity and don’t have a sense of shared purpose,” something that Scheer has dedicated his website to developing and restoring.

Following the story, local activists in South Dakota have vowed to fight back against “white supremacy,” naming Scheer in particular as a target.

The state of free speech in America, particularly for political dissidents who hold pro-white racial and political views, simply “doesn’t exist,” Scheer stated.

“Unless you are promoting an anti-white, anti-family, and anti-Christian agenda, every institution in this country—political, financial, and social—is deployed to intimidate, suppress, and censor you,” Scheer accurately noted. “We exercise our First Amendment rights in the face of direct and active opposition from the Judeo-leftist system.”

He also pointed out that the American political tradition of free speech protected by the First Amendment, at least in theory, is designed to allow Americans “to speak whatever we want as long as you are not advocating for illegal activity or violence.”

“But apparently, that is not the case,” Scheer stated.

Despite his unceremonious and unjustified dismissal from Bel Brands, Scheer does not plan on challenging their decision to fire him following the biased and malicious hit pieces published about him.

“Bel Brands has shown that it cares more about the hysterical ravings of liberal agitators a thousand miles away than it does its own hard-working employees, or indeed customers—the vast majority of whom are white people, like myself,” Scheer told this reporter. “I don’t need to work for Bel Brands. The Amerikaner community is more than capable of looking after its own. This experience has only strengthened my commitment and given me more freedom to advocate on behalf of the countless other white Americans who have lost their jobs for their politics, their religion, or their skin color.”

Scheer went on to offer advice to other Americans who hold similar political and racial views, saying that they “need to know that they are not alone.”

“When they see stories like mine, many feel isolated and hopeless,” Scheer said. “This system is a lion seeking those it might devour. But we have built a community of trust, honor, and mutual defense.”

He encourages others to get involved and stand up firmly for their beliefs. “If you believe, as I do, that white Americans have a right not to be an oppressed minority in their own country, then I encourage you to reach out and join our community,” Scheer told this reporter. “Only in solidarity can we secure a future for white children.”

Interested readers are encouraged to visit, where Scheer maintains his own regular podcast as well as numerous other podcast programs. Written commentaries, reviews, and other articles are also featured on the website.

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