In UK, Strange Bedfellows Join Forces to Create Registry of ‘Offenders’

By John Friend

In a startling development directly related to the ongoing war on free speech in the Western world, a leading conservative commentator and alleged free speech advocate has teamed up with an anti-free speech organization dedicated to exposing, slandering, and harming dissidents in the West.

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This group is dedicated to fighting “anti-Semitism” and “hate”—nebulous concepts defined by organized grievance groups to shut down criticism and debate on controversial topics—by publicly “doxxing” and targeting dissidents operating on social media.

Douglas Murray, a prominent author and journalist based in the UK who has written extensively about the failures of multiculturalism and the threat of mass immigration to the West, announced on X (formerly Twitter) in mid-February that he would be speaking at the official launch party of The Emergency Coalition Against Hate (TECAH), an organization that seeks to unite “diverse ethnic and religious communities to collaboratively confront threats to democracy” and to push back against “both Islamic extremism and divisive woke/DEI ideologies,” according to its website.

TECAH is sponsored and organized by Tafsik, a Canadian-based “grass­roots humanitarian organization dedicated to combatting the alarming rise of anti-Semitism across the globe.”

Tafsik notes on its website that it was founded in response to “the horrifying genocide” that Islamic fighters led by Hamas launched against Israel on Oct. 7 last year. Tafsik is primarily concerned with stamping out any criticism of organized Jewish groups and Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign being waged against the Christians and Muslims in historic Palestine. Tafsik is one of many organizations that have arisen in the aftermath of the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas whose main purpose is to target critics of Israel and the various pro-
Israel lobbies dominating Western governments and media.

Tafsik “is driven by the unwavering belief that every Jewish person deserves to live in a world free from discrimination, persecution, and hatred,” according to its website.

Murray, who ironically serves as director of the UK-based Free Speech Union, which is described on its official website as “a non-partisan, mass membership public interest body that stands up for the speech rights of its members and campaigns for free speech more widely,” has long presented himself as a political dissident and champion of free and open debate. Unless, of course, the topic is organized Jewish political, economic, and cultural power in the West, or the subservient role West­ern governments play to Israel. Those topics are off limits and are considered “anti-Semitic” or even “hate speech.”

Tafsik is also responsible for creating the Datahub Against Violence, Intimidation, and Discrimination (DAVID), which aims to “revolutionize the fight against bigotry” by allowing supporters of Tafsik to submit reports on individuals, organizations, or businesses that have posted “anti-Semitic” or other “hateful” or “offensive” material on social media. DAVID would then use the report to maliciously target those being reported for thought crimes, including for potential loss of employment, educational opportunities, or even criminal prosecution.

The reports submitted to DAVID “will have hyper-visibility using a simple Google search, affecting the individual’s employment opportunities and reputation,” according to Tafsik. The truly Orwellian nature of this malicious endeavor is spelled out in plain language on its website.

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“DAVID employs facial recognition to identify bigots from photos or videos,” the website explains. “AI ‘spiders’ crawl social media platforms, detecting anti-Semitic content in posts, comments, and images,” and then use the information to target political adversaries.

Tafsik even proposed creating a “Hate Offenders List” similar to a sex offenders list for those convicted of “hate speech.” A “Hate Offenders List” would “streamline law enforcement efforts, imposing travel restrictions, limiting access to certain public places, and significantly impacting job opportunities to deter the wielders of hatred from positions of power,” the organization explained. Following significant public backlash, that jargon has since been deleted from its website.

Many wonder why an ostensible “free speech champion” such as Murray would risk his reputation supporting the efforts of such an anti-free speech organization?

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