1 Comment on George Soros: The Israel Lazarevich Gelfand of Today?

  1. This scum of the world (sorros) is a proof of total failure of so called justice system. Especially american. Notorious instigator and big time thief enjoying full-time immunity.
    If there was ANY justice, he would have been long pulverized for his crimes.
    And so, justice apparatus (worldwide) is a JOKE and FAILURE.
    If not sure, just compare IMMUNITY of this fraud with very harsh punishment of J6 participants. Hopefully all these failed components will soon be torn down to be rebuild from the ground up. On SOLID foundation, NOT the 1000+ year old inappropriate sexual joke (“you’ve been laid…”) that brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

    Hopefully, it will soon be completely eradicated. Along with other failed components of criminal cabal. Bloody time…

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